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20 Oct 2015 Strengthen Your Network Security with Passive DNS [46824]
InfoWorld, October 20th, 2015

"Over the past few years, we've witnessed increasing attacks against DNS infrastructure: DDoS attacks against authoritative name servers, name servers used as amplifiers in DDoS attacks, compromised registrar accounts used to modify delegation information, cache poisoning attacks, and abuse of name servers by malware. Thankfully, we've also seen the concurrent development of powerful new mechanisms for combating those threats, including the DNS Security Extensions, response policy zones, and response rate limiting..."
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05 Oct 2015 Segmentation: A Fire Code for Network Security [46438]
Dark Reading, October 5th, 2015

"New technologies like software-defined segmentation are making it easier to prevent a compromise from spreading by separating users and network resources into zones.

Cybersecurity panic seems to be on the rise in 2015. Hacked cars, compromised healthcare records and one of the largest breaches in U.S. history have left many people wringing their hands in anxiety..."
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17 Sep 2015 Virtualization Monitoring in Solaris Zones [45829]
The technical content of this white paper is divided into 5 separate Solaris zones environments

"Much has been written about the built-in virtualization capabilities of Oracle Solaris Zones, which allow users to isolate software applications and services using flexible, software-defined boundaries in Solaris. Unlike hypervisor-based virtualization, Oracle Solaris Zones technology provides a very low-overhead, low-latency environment, which gives the appearance of multiple OS instances rather than multiple physical machines..."
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22 Aug 2015 Setting up a single node NoSQL cluster [45362]
By Anand Chandak

Anand writes, "We receive many requests from customers, partners, developers as well as there are questions on Oracle NoSQL forums wanting to know what are the best practices for creating zones, storage nodes, deploying clusters of Oracle NoSQL Database. So for the benefit of our development community, I am listing steps to setup a to a single node oracle nosql cluster: ..."
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16 Aug 2015 Integrating OpenStack into Oracle Solaris, and Why Data Centers are Excited [45068]
Two more videos from Glynn Foster about OpenStack

Larry Wake writes about two more videos from Glynn Foster about OpenStack:

"First, if you were wondering what it actually means for OpenStack to be integrated into Oracle Solaris, here's Glynn's quick tour of how it ties into many unique and advanced capabilities such as Zones, Unified Archives, and ZFS, as well as how its implementation within Oracle Solaris is engineered to provide high levels of security..."
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