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14 Jul 2015 Solaris Kernel Zones Verified Boot [44160]
in Oracle Solaris 11.3

Dan anderson writes, "Oracle Solaris 11.3 introduces Kernel Zones Verified Boot. To review, both Solaris Verified Boot and Kernel Zones were introduced in Solaris 11.2.

  • Solaris Verified Boot verifies the RSA digital signatures of Solaris kernel modules before execution. For more information, see my blog on Solaris Verified Boot
  • Solaris Kernel Zones partitions Solaris into multiple virtual computers each running their own independent Solaris kernel
  • Solaris 11.3 extends Verified Boot functionality to Kernel Zones

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07 Jul 2015 Release of Oracle Solaris 11.3 Beta [44145]
Making Solaris the most advanced enterprise cloud platform

Markus Flierl blogs, that Oracle released, "a beta for Solaris 11.3, less than a year after we released Solaris 11.2.

With Solaris 11.2 we turned Solaris into a comprehensive cloud platform which includes virtualization, SDN and OpenStack. Since the release of Solaris 11.2 we've seen a rapid uptake of these new capabilities: A lot of customers a using Unified Archives for deploying their images, are taking advantage of the immutable root-file system, have started to deploy Kernel Zones and OpenStack and take advantage of the automated compliance reporting. The latter has become a lot easier since we are tracking the CVE meta data with IPS..."
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07 Jul 2015 Secure Live Migration [44156]
With Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones

Listey blogs, "One of the key features of the Oracle Solaris 11.3 Beta release is the introduction of Secure Live Migration for Kernel Zones. This feature brings with it a couple of things of note.

First the obvious part - with live migration system administrators can limit the number and types of outages to applications and end users. This is particularly useful when there is a requirement to do system maintenance to the underlying OS or hardware..."
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08 Jun 2015 Solaris 11.2 proves to be a cloud-worthy Oracle OS [43379]
Oracle's Solaris 11.2 includes cloud-ready features such as a complete OpenStack distribution, kernel zones, Unified Archives and Elastic Virtual Switch.

Robert Sheldon writes in SearchOracle, "When Oracle released Solaris 11, the company hawked its operating system as the first OS built for the cloud. Oracle continued its cloud-centric pitch with the release of Solaris 11.2. Yet such pronouncements tell us little about what makes Solaris so cloud worthy. Fortunately, we don't have to look far. Solaris 11.2 includes four important technologies that can be instrumental in an effective cloud implementation: OpenStack, kernel zones, Unified Archives (UA) and Elastic Virtual Switch (EVS)..."
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18 May 2015 Providing High Availability to the OpenStack Cloud Controller on Oracle Solaris with Oracle Solaris Cluster [42789]
White Paper (61 Pages)

Thorsten Früauf of Oracle Solaris Cluster Engineering, writes "Oracle Solaris delivers a complete OpenStack distribution which is integrated with its core technologies such as Oracle Solaris Zones, the ZFS file system, and its image packaging system (IPS). OpenStack in Oracle Solaris 11.2 helps IT organizations to create an enterprise-ready Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud, so that users can quickly deploy virtual networking and compute resources by using a centralized web-based portal...

Our team has created a new white paper to specifically explain how to provide high availability to the OpenStack cloud controller on Oracle Solaris with Oracle Solaris Cluster..."
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