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14 Apr 2016 IBM and Box to Enable Local Data Storage in Europe and Asia with Box Zones and IBM Cloud [51686]
With Box Zones and IBM Cloud, Enterprises will be able to Store, Access and Manage Data In the Country of their Choice and Across Hybrid Environments

IBM announced plans to extend its global partnership with Box to provide enterprises with the choice to store data regionally in Europe and Asia on the IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud will be available as part of Box's new Box Zones technology, which will enable businesses to adopt Box and store their data in select regions for the first time. IBM will also leverage Box Zones to support hybrid cloud deployments with its deeply integrated enterprise content management solutions.
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14 Mar 2016 Increasing Security for SAP Installations with Immutable Zones [50774]
By Parnian Taidi

Parnian blogs, "In recent blogs we have talked about various aspects of end-to-end application security with Oracle Solaris 11, SPARC M7 and the ISV Ecosystem. We also talked about a white paper that provides best practices for using the Oracle Solaris compliance tool for SAP installations. Another way to increase the security of an SAP installation is to use Oracle Solaris Immutable Zones.

A Solaris zone is a virtualized operating system environment created within a single instance of the Solaris OS. Within a zone, the operating system is represented to the applications as virtual operating system environments that are isolated and secure. Immutable Zones are Solaris zones with read-only roots. Both global and non-global zones can be Immutable Zones..."
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22 Feb 2016 Oracle Enables Mobile Operators to Securely Increase Network Coverage and Capacity Using Wi-Fi and the Internet [50200]
Oracle, February 22nd, 2016

Consumer use of mobile devices continues to expand at a breakneck pace, which makes it challenging for mobile network operators to deliver the coverage and capacity required for a high quality customer experience. To address this challenge, Oracle announced that Oracle Communications Mobile Security Gateway provides new ways to help communications service providers (CSPs) cost effectively expand network coverage and increase capacity by safely and securely incorporating Wi-Fi and the internet into the mobile core. In addition, the newly introduced support for Wi-Fi calling allows CSPs to leverage Wi-Fi to address problematic indoor voice coverage problems to provide customers with a consistent mobile network experience even in areas that were previously dead zones in the network.
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27 Jan 2016 Importing a zone into a zone cluster configuration [49435]
Using the new 'import-zone' subcommand

Srikant Bharadwaj blogs, "The zone cluster feature of Oracle Solaris Cluster supports importing non-global zones into a zone cluster starting in version 4.3. This article is going to focus on the methods to import a zone and get the Oracle Solaris Cluster software installed in it.

With this feature you can import existing installed zones into a new zone cluster or an existing zone cluster configuration using the clzonecluster subcommand import-zone..."
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07 Dec 2015 Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager: Configuring HA for Oracle Solaris Zones [48330]
By Shreelekha Bhat

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