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26 Feb 2016 TechCast Video about Xen and Oracle VM [50224]
Friday Spotlight

Zeynep writes, "Join Logan Rosenstein, OTN Systems Community Manager, as he chats with Kurt Hackel, Software Development Senior Director for Oracle VM Server and Private Cloud Appliance, and John Priest, Product Management Director for Oracle VM, about Oracle VM, the Xen Hypervisor, and working with the Open Source community..."
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13 Nov 2015 Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 Quarterly Update 7 [47489]
By Michele Casey

Michele Casey writes, "We are pleased to announce the availability of the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 Quarterly Update 7 (UEKR3U7) for Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 7. This is the seventh quarterly update release for UEK Release 3 (Version 3.8.13-118) and includes driver updates and a consolidation of fixes for bugs and security issues.

Some notable highlights include:

  • For Oracle Linux 7 installations, support has been included for network teaming, which includes active-backup, broadcast, load-balancing and round-robin modes
  • Continued enhancements for Linux containers including the introduction of the new LXC flag --privileged=rt which allows the administrator the ability to run real-time processes
  • Support for Intel Broadwell processors
  • Xen improvements, including updates to netfront and netback drivers
  • Device driver updates

Read on for details.
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27 Mar 2015 Mark Hinke: An Overview of Cloud Computing Architectures - Thursday April 9th @NSU [41655]
Einstein's from 6:30PM to 7:30PM; Presentation at 7:30PM

This crash course is designed to give an overview of cloud computing architecture and the open source software that can be used to deploy and manage a cloud computing environment.

Speaker: Mark R. Hinkle, Senior Director, Open Source Solutions, Citrix Systems

Please RSVP at

Topics to be discussed in this session will include virtualization (KVM, LXC, and Xen Project), orchestration (Apache CloudStack, Eucalyptus, Open Nebula, and OpenStack), and storage (GlusterFS, Ceph, and others). The talk will also provide insight into how to deliver Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and what technologies can be used to compliment this evolving cloud computing paradigm.

Systems administrators and IT generalists will leave the discussion with a general overview of the options at their disposal to effectively build and manage their own cloud computing environments using free and open source software and understand the capabilities and benefits of a host of technologies.

Directions on FLUX website.
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16 Jan 2015 Friday Spotlight: Xen 4.5 Released [40335]
By Honglin Su

Honglin Su writes, "In today's spotlight, we are happy to share that Xen 4.5 was released. This is the latest upstream development release that continues bringing increased usability, simplicity and innovation to the leading Xen hypervisor that powers some of the world largest cloud services in the world today..."
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15 Jan 2015 Xen 4.5 Boosts Virtualization Security [40436]
eWeek, January 15th, 2015

"The open-source Xen virtualization hypervisor project is out today with a major milestone update providing improved performance and enhanced security features. The Xen Project is managed as a Linux Foundation Collaboration project initiative and has multiple stakeholders, including Intel, Citrix, Amazon and Rackspace.

Among the new features in the Xen 4.5 update are capabilities aimed at reducing the impact of the so-called "noisy neighbor" issue in multitenant cloud and data center environments..."
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