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03 Sep 2009 Weeding the Operating System with the Hypervisor Hoe [22176]
Sun Engineer Mick Jordan on Project Guest VM

" awful lot of what goes into a modern operating system is just taking up space -- space that could be put to better use," writes Al Riske in his interview of Sun Senior Staff Engineer Mick Jordan, who is currently at work on a project called Guest VM, which involves the use of hypervisors to study the better uses that might be made of a modern operating system.
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27 Aug 2009 Project Crossbow Enables New Levels of Virtualization in the Solaris Network Stack [22184]
Etherstubs Feature Simulates Complete Network Topologies

Thanks to Sun's Project Crossbow, which enables full virtualization of the Solaris network stack, network interface cards (NICs) can now be virtualized into one or more virtual NICs (VNICs). These VNICs can then be individually configured and tuned to take advantage of the physical NIC's in-hardware capabilities and workload needs. So writes Ben Rockwood in his article for Search, "Solaris Project Crossbow Offers Virtualized Network Management."
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04 Aug 2009 Music-Analysis Firm Saves 50% on Hardware Costs with Sun Startup Essentials Program [22047]
Also Gains Efficiency, Speed, Networking Support

By working with Sun Startup Essentials program, MusicMetric of London paid 50% less than it originally estimated for the cost of hardware and cut server power-consumption 60% by choosing Sun over Dell. Networking is another benefit MusicMetric has reaped with the Sun Startup Essentials program. "We try to go to as many Sun events as we can," commented MusicMetric's Greg Mead. "It's a really good way to meet other people dealing with similar challenges and Stewart Townsend, a Startup Essentials Manager, has introduced us to some great business leads."
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15 Jul 2009 Installing a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise as xVM Guest [22057]
Using xVM Hypervisor Under OpenSolaris

Learn the steps it takes to run a Windows guest using the Sun xVM hypervisor, which is now bundled with OpenSolaris, under the open source OS. In a 14-page PDF, Abhishek Gupta explains installation, configuration and use of Sun xVM hypervisor product/technology under OpenSolaris, and subsequently installing a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise as xVM guest.
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06 Jul 2009 IBM's Marketing Machine Skirts Facts [21925]
Blogger Reacts to Article Comparing AIX, Solaris, HP-UX

An IBM article comparing AIX 6.1, Solaris 10 and HP-UX incites Blogspot host Robert Milkowski, who decides to dissect the piece, to offer his opinion and identify inaccuracies. Some of Milkowski's contentions with the article are the lack of Solaris innovations identified and comparison of ZFS to IBM's JFS2. Kudos are given to IBM's marketing strategy not only by this blog's author but by a couple of the commenters as well.
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