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06 Jul 2009 IBM's Marketing Machine Skirts Facts [21925]
Blogger Reacts to Article Comparing AIX, Solaris, HP-UX

An IBM article comparing AIX 6.1, Solaris 10 and HP-UX incites Blogspot host Robert Milkowski, who decides to dissect the piece, to offer his opinion and identify inaccuracies. Some of Milkowski's contentions with the article are the lack of Solaris innovations identified and comparison of ZFS to IBM's JFS2. Kudos are given to IBM's marketing strategy not only by this blog's author but by a couple of the commenters as well.
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16 Jun 2009 Oracle's Virtualization Gold Mine [21972]
The Addition of Sun and Virtual Iron Technologies Intrigues Channel

The Sun-Oracle deal has analysts and value-added resellers (VARs) speculating that the virtualization market is the area to watch since Oracle has made moves indicating its interest in this space, i.e. purchasing virtualization vendor Virtual Iron Software Inc. less than a month after pursuing Sun. Alice LaPlante explores this topic in an article for
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19 May 2009 Components of Sun's Virtualization Solutions [21840]
VirtualBox, xVM Server, xVM Ops Center, LDOMs and VDI

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart writing for The Aquarium provides a brief xVM status update on Sun's virtualization solutions, including VirtualBox, xVM Server, xVM Ops Center, Logical Domains and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and how they interrelate.
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07 May 2009 Building a Cloud in the Datacenter [21708]
Based on xVM Xen

Having earlier outlined his aims in "My Own Private Cloud-aho -- The Goals", where he related his experience in creating a small cloud in a datacenter architecture based on virtualization with xVM Xen, in a second blog Joe Mocker discusses "My Own Private Cloud-aho -- The Details", which are abundant and thorough.
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29 Apr 2009 Making the Best of Open Source is a Two-way Street [21672]
Sun, Oracle Benefit and Contribute

Writing in InformIT before Oracle's announcement of interest in acquiring Sun Microsystems, Matthew Sacks sounded out sources at both companies and at on their respective plans for incorporating open source technologies in their product lines. Sacks says that his article is based on information gathered during these interviews that provides a glimpse into what some large enterprises are doing with open source technology, why they're doing it, and their results.
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