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12 Mar 2010 Oracle Announces Some of Its Bets [22893]
Emphasis Is Strong on Virtualization Solutions

There have been many questions raised recently about which of Sun's products will have a life after Oracle. Some of these questions are answered in the post "The Oracle VM Product Line Welcomes Sun!" by Adam Hawley, who writes, "We are tremendously excited to combine our portfolios and work side-by-side with our extremely talented Sun brethren to advance the state-of-the art in virtualization."
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19 May 2009 Components of Sun's Virtualization Solutions [21840]
VirtualBox, xVM Server, xVM Ops Center, LDOMs and VDI

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart writing for The Aquarium provides a brief xVM status update on Sun's virtualization solutions, including VirtualBox, xVM Server, xVM Ops Center, Logical Domains and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and how they interrelate.
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30 Apr 2009 Free Web-based Training Course on Sun xVM Ops Center [21698]
Can Help with Data Center Planning, Administering Heterogeneous Server Platforms, OSes

Sun is offering a free training course to assist those IT professionals who manage rapid growth, data center consolidation, and enterprise compliance. Entitled, "Getting Started with Sun xVM Ops Center 2.0," this Web-based course introduces enrollees to the features, benefits, and architecture of the xVM Ops Center and explains basic implementation procedures and technical skills training on how to configure and administer the data center management tool.
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16 Feb 2009 Features and Benefits of the Sun xVM Ops Center 2.0 [21316]
Provides a Unified Console for Discovery, Monitoring, Provisioning, Updates, & Dynamic Workload Management

Sun xVM Ops Center offers a cost effective, centralized platform for complete physical and virtual machine management and visibility in heterogeneous environments through intelligent automation that can help to significantly lower IT costs. The launch of version 2.0 announced in late January has brought with it many new features and benefits for customers including a complete Virtual Machine lifecycle management for xVM Server, heterogeneous data center support, Virtual Machine File System (NFS/CIFS), and much more.
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09 Feb 2009 OpenSolaris News Bites - Storage Summit, IP Instances & Virtual NICs, Windows in Sun xVM Server, JavaFX, Zones on GlassFish, Base AMIs on Amazon EC2, OpenSolaris Bible, Community Newsletter [21331]
Short Items of Interest to the OpenSolaris Community

  • OpenSolaris Storage Summit Set for February 23rd
  • Using IP Instances and Virtual NICs with Trusted Extensions
  • Steps to Install and Run Windows in Sun xVM Server under OpenSolaris
  • How to Install JavaFX on OpenSolaris
  • Create an OpenSolaris Zone with GlassFish on Top
  • OpenSolaris 2008.11 Base AMIs on Amazon EC2 Available Without Registration
  • More Sample Chapters from "OpenSolaris Bible"
  • OpenSolaris Community Newsletter
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