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04 Jan 2017 Dell EMC Commits To Exclusive Use Of Cisco UCS Servers In Vblocks, VxBlocks [59444]
CRN, January 4th, 2017

Joseph F. Kovar writes in CRN, "A couple of key Dell EMC server and storage executives have stated unequivocally said the company would continue to use Cisco UCS servers, and not Dell servers, in the company's Vblock converged infrastructure solutions.

Channel partners close to both Dell and Cisco had mixed reactions to the Dell EMC move - some see it as an example of the vendor's commitment to offering flexible solutions to customers, and others see it as a way to keep existing customers satisfied until they move to Dell-centric servers.

Chad Sakac, president of Dell EMC's converged platforms and solutions division, said in a December video blog that customers see servers a critical part of how they build their IT infrastructures..."
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07 Oct 2010 Learn More About the Latest Oracle Solaris Offerings [23502]
On Oracle Solaris Video Blog

Oracle Solaris Video blog aims to provide the latest information on the operating system in video format. Recent additions to the site include DTrace for System Administrators, Oracle Solaris ZFS Triple Parity RAID-Z, Oracle Solaris ZFS Pool Split, Oracle Solaris ZFS Log Devices, Oracle Solaris ZFS System Duty Cycle Scheduling Class, and Introducing Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3.
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09 Jul 2010 CPU Resource Pools [23245]
How the Pool Facility Can be used to Configure Processor Sets

Continuing his exploration of the less familiar regions of Oracle Solaris, Joerg Moellenkamp blogs on CPU resource pools, explaining how the pool facility can be used to configure processor sets. The blog uses cpuhog and the pooladm and poolcfg commands to make his demonstration. The blog is abundantly illustrated with code samples.
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21 Jun 2010 Oracle Solaris Video Blog [23105]
Various Tips and Techniques Offered

A truly handy reference for Oracle Solaris users is its video blog site where informative webcasts are uploaded to assist in working with the OS and various situations its customers may find themselves faced with. A recent example brings Brendan Gregg and Roch Bourbonnais, now Oracle performance experts and Fishworks engineers, to the screen to discuss the art of performance experimentation and how this skill can help tackle complicated performance issues.
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19 Mar 2010 SysAdmin News Bites [22927]
Short Items of Interest for SysAdmins

  • ZVOLs and Write Cache
  • Resetting the root Password for ZFS
  • Managing Across Upgrades
  • Communications Suite: Messaging Server Administration Guide
  • Solaris Cluster Resources for System Administrators
  • Oracle Solaris Video Blog
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