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04 Jun 2016 Future Of The Server: The Data Centre Is The Server [53001]
v3 co uk, May 26th, 2016

"Future data centres will comprise pools of compute, memory and storage rather than separate servers," writes Daniel Robinson in v3 co uk.

"Servers have been a key part of the data centre for so long that it is easy to see them as an immutable part of the IT landscape. They might get a faster processor, more memory or more storage with each hardware generation, but the underlying architecture has changed remarkably little since the days of the first PC servers in the 1980s..."
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08 Jun 2013 Google Puts Privacy at Top of Data Centre Location Choice [31316]
v3 co uk, May 30th, 2013

"Google places customer data security as its number one criteria when selecting data centre sites to try and avoid the prying eyes of governments," writes Dan Worth in "v3 co uk".

"Many large technology firms, such as Google, Facebook and Apple, are rapidly growing their data centre locations to take advantage of benefits such as cool climates, access to power, and connectivity to major web hubs as user demand for their services rockets.

However, speaking at the DataCentres Europe conference on Thursday, Google programme manager for global infrastructure, Peter Jones, explained that privacy is still the overriding factor as the firm is wary of any regions where it cannot guarantee data control..."
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