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27 Apr 2015 Oracle SPARC Processor Documentation [42275]
Includes SPARC Legacy Processor Documentation

Documentation for SPARC Legacy Processors has now been posted on-line.

  • Ultra SPARC Architecture 2007 (privileged edition)
  • SPARC T3 Implementation Supplement
  • UltraSPARC T2 Implementation Supplement
  • UltraSPARC Architecture 2005 (privileged edition)
  • UltraSPARC T1 Implementation Supplement
  • Joint Programming Specification 2
  • UltraSPARC-IV User's Manual
  • UltraSPARC-IV+ User's Manual
  • Joint Programming Specification 1
  • UltraSPARC-IIIi User's Manual
  • UltraSPARC-III User's Manual
  • UltraSPARC IIi User's Manual
  • UltraSPARC-IIe User's Manual
  • UltraSPARC User's Manual, UltraSPARC-I, UltraSPARC-II

(PDF documents)
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28 Aug 2013 SPARC M6 processor unveiled at the Hot Chips conference [32653]
Oracle gets it right

Timothy Prickett Morgan writes, "The new SPARC M6 processor, unveiled at the Hot Chips conference at Stanford University this week, makes a bold statement about Oracle's intent to invest in very serious big iron and go after Big Blue in a big way.

Oracle's move is something that the systems market desperately needs, particularly for customers where large main memory is absolutely necessary. And - good news for Ellison & CO. - with every passing day, big memory computing is getting to be more and more important, just like in the glory days of the RISC/Unix business.

It looks like it took Oracle to finally get a decent microprocessor and interconnect development team together for Sun Microsystems..."
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04 Sep 2012 The Future of the SPARC T5 in Oracle's Big Iron Lineup [27510]
Timothy Prickett Morgan Reports from Hot Chips

Reporting on this year's Hot Chips event in Cupertino, CA, Timothy Prickett Morgan speculates on the future of the SPARC T5 chip in Oracle's apparent growing interest in big iron featuring multithreaded processors in terms of cores and sockets. In his view, the scalability enhancements coming from the SPARC T5 machines, sporting faster cores that can do superior single-threaded work, will be big enough for all but the absolutely largest Solaris workloads. Prickett Morgan devotes a substantial part of his article to looking at the history of the SPARC T3, T4 and T5 chips and their family resemblances.
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31 Aug 2012 Revision to SPARC Architecture Released [27424]
Essential to Understanding the Operation of the SPARC Processor

Darryl Gove draws attention to the release of the updated "Oracle SPARC Architecture 2011," a document essential for those interested in the behavior of a SPARC processor. This publication supersedes the SPARC v9 book, which was published in the 90s. Describing its scope, the document collects in one volume the nonprivileged (Level 1) architecture from SPARC V9; most of the privileged (Level 2) architecture from SPARC V9; and provides more in-depth coverage of all SPARC V9 features. Moreover, the book includes all of the architectural extensions (beyond SPARC V9), developed through the processor generations of UltraSPARC III, IV, IV+ and T1.
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22 Aug 2011 Oracle's SPARC T4 Chip Called Twice as Fast as SPARC T3 [24466]
Expect a Hot Property in this Chip, Timothy Prickett Morgan Writes

In the view of Timothy Prickett Morgan, writing in "The Register," "The SPARC T4 processor that Oracle expects to ship before the end of December ... is probably the most important chip that either Sun or Oracle has put into the field since the dual-core UltraSPARC-IV+ 'Panther'...." The new SPARC T core has a feature called the critical thread API that allows a high priority application to grab one thread on a core and hog all of the resources on that core to significantly boost performance of that single thread. The SPARC T4 will have double the per-thread performance of the T3 chip it will replace, according to Prickett Morgan, quoting Oracle sources.
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