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06 Jun 2011 VDI Solution Demo [24225]
A How-to Guide on Getting the Greatest Benefit from the Virtual Desktop

The VDI Solution Demo available at this link (registration required) shows, step by step, how Sun VDI Software provides seamless integration with the virtualization layer and makes it easy to control the life cycle of virtual machines and assign users to virtual desktop environments.

Among the virtues of Sun VDI and the Sun Ray Thin Client that the demo points out are: Security with mobility, The same virtual display accessible from every desktop, Increased compute resource utilization, Manage user desktops from a single desk, Consistent graphic display performance over WAN with Sun Ray Appliance Link Protocol
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22 Nov 2010 21.000 Desktops at JavaOne: Proving Ground [23649]
One of the Largest Demo Cases for VDI 3

JavaOne 2009 was a valuable proving ground for Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software 3 (VDI Software 3) that paved the way for numerous other subsequent implementations, as reported in the Oracle wiki Sun VDI for JavaOne. VDI Software 3 provided every participant at JavaOne with access to three personal desktops running Windows, Ubuntu, and OpenSolaris, with every virtual machine hosted on Sun VirtualBox servers and stored on the Sun Unified Storage platform. Using either WiFi or the 150 available Sun Ray clients, participants "owned" their elected desktops for the entire week, access that included the Internet simply by swiping their conference Java Card. The system handled some 21,000 desktops during the convention.
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19 Aug 2010 Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 3.2 [23394]
Scalability, Multimedia, Administration Enhancements

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a complete management, hosting and access solution for virtualized desktops hosted in the data center. Oracle VDI 3.2 is the latest version just released in August. New features include global hot-desking, multi-company capabilities, enhanced video and audio capabilities and administrative enhancements.
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02 Jun 2010 Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Sun VDI) [23080]
Product Page Has a New Location

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), formerly Sun VDI, is a solution for managing, hosting, and providing access to virtualized desktop operating systems hosted in the datacenter. Desktop virtualization with Oracle VDI allows users to access the same desktop environment from many different client devices and locations, enabling disaster recovery, remote office and work from home, and green computing through the use of low power thin client devices such as Oracle's Sun Ray Clients. Oracle VDI home page is now located under Oracle Virtualization.
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01 Apr 2010 Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 3.1.1 Released [22991]
Now Supports Sun Storage 7000 Firmware 2010.Q1

Oracle's Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 3.1.1 is the latest release of the software, which now offers support for the Sun Storage 7000 firmware 2010.Q1. "Now VDI supports the COMSTAR stack, now you see a storage utilization that you always wanted to see," cheers Dirk Grobler on his blog Jumping VDI. "Way better CPU numbers, much better IOPS, online deduplication for those who look into application streaming. This storage/VDI combination really rocks."
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