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12 Jun 2017 How to configure MySQL Multi-Master Replication on Oracle Linux [64347]
HowtoForge, June 12th 2017

"This tutorial explains how to setup and configure MySQL multi-master replication on Oracle Linux. As you all may already know, MySQL is a well known top notch database product that has proven to be enterprise ready.

As data is crucial for every organization, most database administrators are looking for a suitable solution to setup high availability to ensure user are able to access their data 24/7. MySQL replication is a solution that can ensure a high availability policy.

On top of that, MySQL replication is also able to help database administrators to distribute the load on multiple database servers by load balancing the READ and WRITE requests. Unfortunately, basic replication can only offer benefits on READ requests. Due to that, MySQL multi-master replication was introduced to offer replication for WRITE request as well..."
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08 Jun 2017 Zerto Joins HPE Complete Program [64182]
Zerto, June 8th 2017

Zerto announced it has joined the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Complete Program. The company's flagship software product, Zerto Virtual Replication is now available directly from HPE and its resellers. As part of this program, joint customers and partners have the ability to leverage Zerto's powerful replication and recovery solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds to ensure continuous operations of critical applications running on servers, storage and networking products.

The HPE Complete program offers a one-stop shop for customers to purchase Zerto products directly from HPE and its resellers as a complete solution with the added reliability of its interop assurance validation. This partnership also allows IT teams using ZVR to tap into the HPE ecosystem to minimize the risk, complexity and cost that can otherwise accompany multi-vendor technology deployments, especially as IT environments transition to more secure and resilient cloud-enabled infrastructure.
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08 Jun 2017 Zerto Opens New Shanghai Support Centre to Enhance Global BC/DR and Hybrid Cloud Capabilities [64183]
Zerto, June 8th 2017

Zerto announced the opening of new support centre in Shanghai, China, to provide 24x7 support to its customers in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) and around the globe.

Zerto's technology ensures that enterprises and their customers have access to applications without IT interruption, downtime or delay. The Zerto Virtual Replication Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery platform (ZVR) is multi-hypervisor and public cloud capable, protecting applications in the cloud, to the cloud and on premise. Zerto's solutions are backed by global support centers that allow on-demand access to an expert team of support engineers who provide support to global customers on a 24/7/365 basis.

More than 5,000 companies are currently using ZVR in their production environments to protect, restore and migrate data and critical applications, and more than 1,700 partners are offering services based on ZVR.
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07 Jun 2017 Calculating Hyperconvergence Costs [64097]
NetworkComputing, June 7th 2017

"Hyperconverged infrastructure is a hot area of IT right now. The realization that next-generation storage appliances look a lot like servers triggered a movement to make server storage sharable, bringing together the benefits of local storage in the server with the ability to share that storage across the whole cluster of nodes.

The key is a software package that presents all of the storage in the cluster as a single pool, with automated addition or subtraction of drives. This pool of storage, sometimes described as a virtual SAN, can be divided up and presented as smaller drive volumes, subject to access controls and sharing rules. The virtual SAN software handles issues such as replication and erasure coding groups and also deals with drive errors and data recovery questions..."
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24 May 2017 Zerto Previews New Public Cloud Technology at ZertoCON 2017 with Bi-Directional Enterprise Application Replication and Recovery [63811]
Zerto, May 24th 2017

Zerto, an award-winning provider of enterprise IT resilience cloud solutions, announced it will preview new technology for enterprise-class application replication and recovery going to and from public cloud. Exclusively for ZertoCON 2017 attendees, the preview will demonstrate the latest innovations using Microsoft Azure with Zerto Virtual Replication. Additionally, new analytics features will be unveiled showing real-time and historical trend capabilities for any Zerto protected multi-target environment. The new features and platforms previewed at ZertoCON 2017 will be officially released later this year. Today's conference highlights also include a one-of-a-kind, multi-analyst panel with experts from Forrester, Gartner and 451 Research participating.
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