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24 Aug 2016 MySQL Group Replication Docker Images [55645]
By Trond Humborstad

"The MySQL development team recently made a new labs release of the Group Replication plugin for MySQL Server," writes Trond Humborstad. "This is a preview of a new plugin that adds virtually synchronous replication with support for multi-master or active/active update-anywhere replication groups to the already strong lineup of native replication options in MySQL.

Docker is a great fit for this kind of dynamic, multi instance MySQL setup, and containerization is in general a very convenient way to try out new technologies and prototype new solutions..."
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10 Aug 2016 MySQL Group Replication Beta 0.8 [55226]
By Lefred

Lefred blogs, "As announced by Luis Soares on MySQL High Availability's blog, a new labs version of Group Replication (GR) has been released for MySQL 5.7.14!

Group Replication is the main component of the future MySQL HA solution. Even if with GR, it's possible to write simultaneously on all the member of the group, GR doesn't provide any write scaling. Indeed, if one member reached 100% of its write capabilities, adding writes to another member, won't help as both will have to write their load AND the load from the other member: remember this is (virtual) synchronous replication, all writes happening on member A will happen on member B and on all other members of the group..."
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01 Aug 2016 Aligning Data Demands To Storage Supply [54920]
Storage-Switzerland, August 1st, 2016

"Today's applications have varying storage needs, including performance, protection, and long term retention. In a perfect world, you would store data on the storage system that best meets each of these needs. But the real world delivers a lot of complications.

Consider an OLTP database. Its performance and protection needs are both high, and long term retention needs are typically pretty low. What if the storage that best meets its performance needs is a cutting-edge flash storage system that does not have built-in data protection features, such as snapshots and replication? Would you sacrifice performance in order to guarantee proper protection? Probably not..."
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25 Jul 2016 MySQL on Docker: Single Host Networking for MySQL Containers [54787]
By Severalnines

Severalnines blogs, "Networking is critical in MySQL, it is a fundamental resource to manage access to the server from client applications and other replication peers. The behaviour of a containerized MySQL service is determined by how the MySQL image is spawned with 'docker run' command. With Docker single-host networking, a MySQL container can be run in an isolated environment (only reachable by containers in the same network), or an open environment (where the MySQL service is totally exposed to the outside world) or the instance simply runs with no network at all..."
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19 Jul 2016 Brocade Delivers Industry-first Gen 6 Fibre Channel Directors For The All-flash Data Center [54597]
Digital Transformation Driven by Storage Innovation Requires a Modern Storage Network

Brocade announced the industry's first GEN 6 FIBRE CHANNEL DIRECTORS for mission-critical storage connectivity and business resiliency solutions designed for the all-flash data center. This extends the company's leadership in offering the industry's most innovative and widely deployed FIBRE CHANNEL STORAGE NETWORK SOLUTIONS, building on the first Gen 6 Fibre Channel switch that BROCADE DELIVERED IN MARCH 2016. The new Brocade X6 director family and the BROCADE SX6 EXTENSION BLADE for Fibre Channel, Fibre Connection (FICON) and IP storage replication, combined with Brocade Fabric Vision technology, enables customers to drive always-on business operations, eliminate performance bottlenecks and adapt to the requirements of digital organizations.
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