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25 Aug 2016 Backup Vs. Disaster Recovery: Is There A Clear Winner? [55559]
Search Disaster Recovery, August 25th, 2016

"With product and technology improvements, data backup and disaster recovery are converging, but that doesn't necessarily mean your organization should drop one of the disciplines...

The backup vs. disaster recovery line is blurring. Backup applications can now do more frequent backups and provide recovery-in-place features that enable more rapid recoveries. In addition, replication applications that tend to focus on disaster recovery or business continuity are adding historical storing of replicated data as a key capability. The storing of previous versions of data allows these products to provide point-in-time recovery..."
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25 Aug 2016 Veritas Launches Resiliency Platform 2.0 [55632]
Boosting VMware Integration to Power Single-Click Resiliency across Complex, Hybrid Environments

Veritas Technologies announced the release of Veritas Resiliency Platform 2.0, featuring a built-in VMware certified data mover that achieves a significantly lower Recovery Point Objective (RPO) compared to VMware's native data mover VMware vSphere Replication.

Resiliency Platform empowers organizations to maintain critical business uptime across complex, multi-platform and multi-vendor private, public and hybrid cloud environments by delivering predictability for all resiliency operations, including workload migration, failover, failback, data protection, and non-disruptive recovery testing. The built-in data mover in Resiliency Platform 2.0 simplifies the management of critical services' uptime by integrating seamlessly into VMware environments, so organizations can gain greater benefits from their existing VMware investments. In addition, organizations can achieve increased benefits from other IT investments with Resiliency Platform's support for industry-leading high availability solutions, 3rd party hardware-based data movers and other virtualization platforms such as Microsoft Hyper-V.
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25 Aug 2016 EMC Expands 'Data Protection Everywhere' Portfolio For VMware Environments [55619]
EMC Data Protection Suite, EMC Data Domain and EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines Boost Speed, Simplicity and Efficiency for VMware Workloads

EMC Corporation unveils new products and support that optimize the protection of VMware workloads across the spectrum of VMware environments to enable protection everywhere. This includes enhanced support for VMware Virtual SAN, VMware vSphere and expanded data protection options for VCE VxRail Appliances.

The integration between EMC's data protection portfolio and VMware software empowers vAdmins to provision, monitor and manage the protection of their virtual workloads through the standard VMware interface. The updated version of EMC Data Protection Suite for VMware combined with EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition, provide fast, simple and efficient protection for VMware workloads, enabling continuous end-to-end protection through the native VMware interface. Meanwhile, the support of RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines (VMs) for VMware vSphere APIs for IO filtering, empowers vAdmins to manage replication through vSphere Storage Policy-Based Management, leveraging the common VMware framework.
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24 Aug 2016 MySQL Group Replication Docker Images [55645]
By Trond Humborstad

"The MySQL development team recently made a new labs release of the Group Replication plugin for MySQL Server," writes Trond Humborstad. "This is a preview of a new plugin that adds virtually synchronous replication with support for multi-master or active/active update-anywhere replication groups to the already strong lineup of native replication options in MySQL.

Docker is a great fit for this kind of dynamic, multi instance MySQL setup, and containerization is in general a very convenient way to try out new technologies and prototype new solutions..."
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10 Aug 2016 MySQL Group Replication Beta 0.8 [55226]
By Lefred

Lefred blogs, "As announced by Luis Soares on MySQL High Availability's blog, a new labs version of Group Replication (GR) has been released for MySQL 5.7.14!

Group Replication is the main component of the future MySQL HA solution. Even if with GR, it's possible to write simultaneously on all the member of the group, GR doesn't provide any write scaling. Indeed, if one member reached 100% of its write capabilities, adding writes to another member, won't help as both will have to write their load AND the load from the other member: remember this is (virtual) synchronous replication, all writes happening on member A will happen on member B and on all other members of the group..."
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