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21 Mar 2017 An Insider's View of MySQL Group Replication-Now Available in Oracle MySQL Cloud Service! [61838]
By Wei-Chen

Wei-Chen writes, "MySQL is the #1 open source database. Because of MySQL's high performance, scalability, and availability, it has been widely popular for Web applications and has become the foundation for IT platforms that support high-traffic social media portals, e-commerce applications, and fast-growing organizations.

As business models and technology requirements are being transformed in all industries, more and more companies are embracing and leveraging the cloud platform to enjoy the benefits of flexibility, agility and cost-savings. Available in Oracle Cloud, the Oracle MySQL Cloud Service provides an enterprise-grade MySQL database service to rapidly, securely, and cost-effectively deliver modern applications. With the latest MySQL 5.7.17 update release, MySQL Group Replication is now available in Oracle MySQL Cloud Service and offers native, built-in high availability for MySQL databases..."
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10 Mar 2017 Group Replication minimal SQL based configuration [61381]
By Andrew Grimo

Andrew Grimo blogs, "So you're interested in the 'new' MySQL Group Replication feature but are concerned that configuring it is going to be difficult. Let me soothe those concerns with this blog post. Yes, the MySQL team has recently been discussing other methods to configure Group Replication using the RC release of MySQL Shell and how it can be used for tools such as Puppet for enhanced provisioning of a Group as Lefred has demonstrated in his MySQL Puppet post.

To start, I'll post a sample my.cnf file below and highlight the related configurations that Group Replication requires. Yes, there are a number of them. I'll try and lay that out below so it is easy to follow. But first..."
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09 Feb 2017 Build A Remote Data Replication Strategy [60432]
SearchDataCenter, February 9th, 2017

"Synchronous and asynchronous remote replication provide different options for IT. Understand the differences, and the potential effects on your network, to keep enterprise data safe.

For workloads, protection means resilience -- ensuring that an application is available. But even more important is the protection of enterprise data. IT can always reinstall or spin up new iterations of applications. However, there is no ready substitute for data that becomes inaccessible or lost.

A remote data replication strategy can help IT professionals protect vital enterprise data, and there are numerous alternatives to consider..."
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09 Feb 2017 How to deploy and manage MySQL multi-master replication setups with ClusterControl 1.4 [60520]
By Severalnines, February 9th, 2017

severalnines blogs, "MySQL replication setups can take different shapes. The main topology is probably a simple master-slave setup. But it is also possible to construct more elaborate setups with multiple masters and chained setups. ClusterControl 1.4 takes advantage of this flexibility and gives you possibility to deploy multimaster setups. In this blog post, we will look at a couple of different setups and how they would be used in real-life situations..."
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09 Feb 2017 Zerto Virtual Replication 4.5 [60510]
Zero, February 9th, 2017

Paul Crocetti writes in SearchDataBackup, "Aimed at enterprises with large VMs, Zerto Virtual Replication version 4.5, aided by a new journaling feature, stresses RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes...

Gold winner in the Storage magazine/ 2016 Products of the Year Backup and Disaster Recovery Software and Services category.

Zerto, which has earned a solid reputation for providing virtual machine-based disaster recovery, took the gold in the data protection software category with Virtual Replication 4.5..."
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