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26 Apr 2016 Oracle VM 3.4: ovm-info command to get details within VM [52130]
By Simon Coter

Simon blogs, "Continuing on the path of the first "ovm-disk" command, here you can find one new tool available for your Linux guest-vms; target of this utility, named "ovm-info", is to supply main information of the running guest on:

  • VM information, like Hostname, VM-Name, VM-Type and repository that house it.
  • CPU and Memory information (Max and used)
  • Disk information like domU device and the corresponding dom0 device (virtual or physical)
  • Network information like domU device and OVM Network configuration (id, dom0 net device and vlan-tag)
  • Other informations like H/A enabled or not, Hugepages enabled or not and actions on different operations (reboot, crash etc)

So with the same approach of the other script, specific for detailed reports on vdisks, we can install and execute this command on our running Linux guest and obtain this information by executing this command on the guest itself:.."
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03 Dec 2015 Getting Started with OVM Templates for SPARC - Part 1: Deploying a Template [47981]
By Stefan Hinker

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31 Mar 2015 Deploying Oracle RAC using Oracle VM Templates [41672]
An Economic Impact Assessment

Honglin Su writes, "Oracle VM application driven architecture is designed to enable rapid application deployment. With the use of Oracle VM Templates, sophisticated applications such as Oracle Database or Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) can be deployed in minutes - 10x faster than with other solutions.

We are pleased to share the report performed by Evaluator Group:

Evaluate Group Technology Insight Paper - Deploying Oracle RAC using Oracle VM Templates - An Economic Impact Assessment (PDF)

They studied the creation and use of virtualized server templates as an administrative process for server deployments in an Oracle RAC environment - a process that can be surprisingly complex if done manually within any database environment..."
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15 Feb 2015 FLUX Presentation @ NSU - Oracle and Linux - Thursday February 19th [40844]
Einstein's from 6:30PM to 7:30PM; Presentation at 7:30PM

Ken Ellis, Principle Linux and Virtualization Consultant at Oracle Corporation, will provide an update on Oracle and Linux.

His Oracle Linux discussions will include the following:

  • Linux Strategy
  • What is Oracle Linux?
  • Why Oracle Linux is better?
  • Support Options
  • Update on Oracle Linux 7
  • Features, Management and Options (filesystems, D-Trace, ksplice, etc.)
  • OL as guest running on (vmware, ovm, etc.)
  • Q&A

We will have an informal meeting at the Einstein's Bagel cafe on the ground floor of the Carl DeSantis building from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. We'll move to the classroom for a 7:30pm to 9pm presentation.

Directions on FLUX website.
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05 Sep 2014 Oracle Claims ZFS ZS3 Storage boots 16,000 VMs in under 7 mins., outperforms NetApp's FAS6000 [38150]
Rose Meadows, SiliconANGLE, September 5th, 2014

Rose writes, "For years, customers have reported that Oracle resisted embracing VMware, preferring to offer clients Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) instead. Realizing that a large portion of its customers run VMware, Oracle has seemingly broadened its strategy to be more inclusive and is targeting VMware installations.

At this year's VMworld, Oracle Corporation claimed its ZFS Storage ZS3 Series was the only storage in-memory centric architecture on the floor. According to Oracle, its system stumps NetApp, Inc.'s FAS6000, which boots 1,000 virtual machines (VMs) in under 20 minutes..."
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