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11 Jun 2017 dotnet Cafe - AR/MR/VR - AI and the Future - Dwight Goins [64013]
Tuesday, June 13th, 2017: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Cendyn Spaces - Boca Raton

The future is here, come and learn how it will affect you! Hololens demos too!!


Dwight Goins is Chief Algorithms Officer (CAO) / Lead Emerging Experience Consultant at Dwight Goins, Inc located in Colorado Springs, CO. Dwight spends his time leading his team to implement Connected Systems and solutions using Agile methodologies with Fortune 500 clients such as AIG, JM Family, and Equinix.

He also leads a team of developers creating medical based applications for Medical Cyber World, Inc. using unique implementations with IoT devices ... Kinect for Windows, Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Band and Machine Learning. He is an avid Linux User (Gentoo), Open source contributor, and InfoSec Certified Ethical Hacker Instructor.

He maintains an active MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), MCPD, MCSD, Windows 10 UWP Developer certifications, and Certified Data Recovery Professional (CRDP) license. In his spare time he finds a way to take care of his 3 beloved daughters, wife, and extended family by constantly keeping them entertained through travelling, and family fun.

Dave Noderer, Damian Montero, Joseph Russo, Sam Abraham, Max Fraser
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08 Jun 2017 Oracle: We Will 'Earn Our Spot' In Kubernetes Open Source Community [64151]
By Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy blogs, "As two Oracle technologists took the stage to announce Oracle's support for the Kubernetes open source software initiative, they were clearly aware of one fact: Open source folks aren't much impressed with announcements.

Instead, the open source community judges factors such as code contributed, community questions answered, and problems fixed. The Oracle technologists, Mark Cavage and TJ Fontaine, made clear they don't expect a free pass..."
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06 Jun 2017 Big Data Tools [64100]
Datamation, June 6th 2017

"Big Data tools, clearly, are proliferating quickly in response to major demand. In the decade since Bid Data emerged as a concept and business strategy, thousands of tools have emerged to perform various tasks and processes, all of them promising to save you time, money and uncover business insights that will make you money. Clearly, Big Data analytics tools are enjoying a growing market.

Many of them started out like the initial Big Data software framework, Hadoop, as open source projects, but commercial entities have sprung up rapidly to provide either new tools or commercial support and development for the open source products.

Weeding through them all can be a challenge especially since many Big Data tools have a single purpose and you can do many different things with Big Data, so your analytics toolbox can get rather filled up. We'll run down a list of major Big Data analytics tools and then three major categories to keep in mind, as recommended by an expert consultant in this field..."
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05 Jun 2017 Centrify Enables Organizations to Stop Breaches That Start on Mac Endpoints [64116]
Centrify, June 5th 2017

Centrify, the leader in securing hybrid enterprises through the power of identity services, today announced enhancements to the that delivers local administrator password management for Macs and comprehensive Mac application management and software distribution via turnkey integration with the Munki open source solution. These new capabilities enable Mac administrators to solve critical challenges by implementing best practices for controlling privileged access on Macs while at the same time simplifying management of Mac endpoints.
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04 Jun 2017 Klaus Silveira presents: Angular 4! Why learn 3 when there's 4! [63852]
Tuesday, June 6th, 2017: 7:00 PM to ...

Cendyn Spaces, in the Atrium - Boca Raton

It's time to learn Angular 4 with Klaus Silveira

The productivity gains from Angular 4 architecture and TypeScript development have changed the way we thought about web application development. Put VMWare's Clarity open source design system into the mix and we have a recipe for rapid application development. In this talk, Klaus will showcase what went right and what went wrong when they decided to move their administrative control panels to Angular-powered SPAs. - He will be sharing some insights, and most importantly, his experience when working with SPA's for internal administrative control panels.

Michael Vargas, Damian Montero, Hector
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