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25 Jun 2017 The Top 7 Linux IoT Projects [64384]
Network World, June 13th 2017

Jon Gold writes in Network World, "It's a Linux world, and the rest of computing is just living in it - often literally, thanks to containerization. IoT, in all of its manifold forms, is no exception, and the Linux Foundation lists these seven projects as the key players in the march of connected open-source systems. Here's a quick rundown..."
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09 Jun 2017 Friday Five - June 9, 2017 [64170]
Oracle, June 9th 2017

The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

  • Latest Red Hat Ceph Storage Release Expands Versatility as Object Store
  • Red Hat Blog - The Open Organization: Two years later and going strong
  • NetworkWorld - 3 benefits you didn't expect from Linux containers
  • AnsibleFest London
  • The University of Alabama at Birmingham Enhances Research and Discovery with Red Hat Ceph Storage

Read on for details.
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28 May 2017 Use Wired Networks For Gigabit, Not Wi-Fi [63656]
Network World, May 18th 2017

Patrick Nelson writes in Network World, "Thousand megabit broadband is a turning point for internet delivery speeds. Newer tech, such as virtual reality, and the incumbents, such as video streaming, will benefit. Right now, though, only about 17 percent of the U.S.'s population has access to those super-fast speeds, which are primarily delivered by fiber, according to Viavi Solution's latest Gigabit Monitor report.

Although Gigabit is kicking in, it's not going to be particularly simple to implement at the networking level, internet metrics company Ookla said earlier this month. Upgraded, wired installs will likely handle the throughput better than existing, now commonly used Wi-Fi, among other things, the company said..."
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21 May 2017 12 Top Tech Fields Of The Future (Slideshow) [63427]
Network World, May 8th 2017

Julie Sartain writes in Network World, "Tech jobs of the future will include programmers, analysts, application and system developers, database and network administrators, engineers, designers, architects, scientists, researchers, statisticians, specialists, project and system managers, system and data integrators, technicians and tech support, quality controllers, trainers, and consultants in each of the following 12 areas..."
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07 May 2017 How CISOs Should Address their Boards About Security [62969]
Network World, April 25th 2017

"Don't wait until after a breach to talk with your board of directors. Have regular discussions to make sure you're on the same page on security priorities," writes Michelle Drolet in Network World.

"There are two times you might have to talk to your organization's board of directors about security: before a breach and after. Be sure you've had the former before you need to have the latter.

The board of directors, whose duty it is to run the company in the long-term interest of the owners, needs to know you've taken prudent steps to protect the organization's digital assets. That should mean the board wants to talk with you, the CISO, to learn firsthand what your department is doing to mitigate information security threats..."
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