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28 Oct 2013 Oracle Enhances Oracle Virtual Networking [33470]
Fastest Data Center Fabric Platform Adds Support for Oracle SPARC M6-32 and Fujitsu M10 Servers

Oracle announced new enhancements to Oracle Virtual Networking to help customers further improve infrastructure performance, reduce cost and complexity, and simplify storage and server connectivity.

Oracle Virtual Networking is the industry's first and only open architecture data center fabric that simplifies complex data center deployments with a wire-once solution and simple software defined network configurations.

Oracle Virtual Networking is the only data center fabric with up to 80 Gb/sec bandwidth to the server that can deliver large server pools with scalable I/O configurations.

Building on Oracle Virtual Networking's support for a broad range of x86 and SPARC servers, operating systems and leading hypervisors, the enhancements announced today are:

  • SPARC M6-32 Server Support
  • High Availability for Storage:
  • Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Integration

Oracle Virtual Networking continues to experience significant growth across a wide range of industries and with added support for Oracle's SPARC servers, it is gaining traction in new industries like financial services and retail.
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13 Nov 2009 Sun Storage 7000 Software Update Supports Infiniband HCAs [22397]
Assessing Read/Write Performance as a Function of Workload

Infiniband IPoIB datalink partition and IP interface configuration is easy and painless using the same network BUI page or CLI contexts as ethernet, says Fishworks blogger Cindi in her update on "Infiniband for Q3.2009." Port GUID information is available for configured partitions on the network page, she continues, which makes it easy to add Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System HCA ports to a partition table on a subnet manager.
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