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12 Apr 2017 ExaGrid, Next Generation Disk-Based Backup Storage Appliance Vendor, Reports Record Quarterly Revenue for Q1-2017 [62406]
Exagrid, April 12th 2017

Larger enterprise customer opportunities result in best quarterly bookings and revenue in company history

ExaGrid, a leading provider of next generation disk-based backup storage with data deduplication solutions, announced record bookings and revenue for Q1 2017. ExaGrid grew double digits over the same quarter of the prior year, continuing its trend of progressive growth at a faster rate than that of the overall market and consistent growth of its market share position. ExaGrid continues to demonstrate success in the enterprise market as evidenced by its posting of a record number of new customer six-figure deals in the current quarter.

"ExaGrid again posted a record quarter as the number of higher-value enterprise deals continues to rise, resulting in a higher ASP," said Bill Andrews, CEO and President of ExaGrid. "We are seeing the larger enterprise customers looking for better performance at a lower cost than the first generation of backup storage solutions can provide, and that's what ExaGrid is uniquely positioned to deliver."
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03 Apr 2017 Real Intelligence Needed To Understand Artificial Intelligence [62138]
IT Business Edge, April 3rd 2017

"IDC ... released research that predicts that cognitive and artificial intelligence will generate $12.5 billion in revenue this year, an increase of 59.3 percent over 2016. Indeed, the growth shows no sign of slowing. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be 54.4 percent through 2020, with revenue exceeding $46 billion.

A particularly interesting conclusion is that 51.1 percent of investment, based on this year's market share, will made in the 'other' category. All the identified use cases are clustered between 9 percent (fraud analysis and investigation) and 10.3 percent (quality management investigation). This seems promising. IDC is willing to say that growth will be strong despite the fact that it can't definitively say from where more than half of that growth will come..."
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24 Mar 2017 Continuing Converged Leadership and Strong Growth in HCI [61789]
EMC, March 24th, 2017

SVP & Chief Technology Officer, Converged Platforms and Solutions Division at Dell EMC

IDC's 4Q2016 Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker has once again recognized Dell Technologies as #1 in the total converged systems market in terms of revenue, units shipped and new capacity shipments. In particular, Dell EMC leads the Integrated Infrastructure Systems segment with a 73% market share up six percentage points from the 67% in 4Q15. This IDC Tracker also confirmed our phenomenal growth in hyper-converged systems revenue, which was up 206% (Y/Y) during the fourth quarter of 2016. According to IDC, Dell Technologies captured 26.9% share of the overall Converged Systems (CS) revenue for the fourth quarter of 2016 and 28.4% share of the calendar year revenue. We are clearly a leader in this market.
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14 Mar 2017 How Fintech Is Powering The Global Economy [61611]
By Margaret Harrist

Margaret writes in Forbes, "Entrepreneurs in financial services companies say businesses like theirs are doing a lot more than making established Western banks worried about their market share. During a panel discussion at SxSW here this weekend, they argued that they're helping create a new middle class in the developing world, with tremendous consequences for the global economy..."
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05 Mar 2017 DevOps, No Longer Just For 'Unicorns' [61012]
Forrester, February 24th, 2017

Rober blogs, "The born-digital 'unicorn' companies such as Etsy, Google and Netflix, are pioneers of modern DevOps, but BT leaders at companies of all ages, sizes, and types are now eagerly pursuing the same principles. The pressure for speed and quality is DevOps becoming pivotal for all organizations. For example, KeyBank are leveraging DevOps to quickly deliver business new customer capability using streamlined coordination between application development and operations. DevOps is allowing KeyBank to shorten delivery time by up to 85% and reduce defects by at least 30%. According to a 2016 State of DevOps report, high performers are twice as likely to exceed their organization's profitability, market share, and productivity goals..."
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