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16 Dec 2010 New Oracle Names for Sun Software [23742]
With Links

Many of the software products produced by Sun Microsystems have been rebranded since the Oracle acquisition. This is a useful table mapping the old names to the new names along with links to the Oracle (or other) home pages for those products.
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15 Jul 2010 Using the JavaFX JDBC Data Source [23304]
Handy If You Prefer Not to Write Your Own Code

Blogging on the Dr. Dobbs's site, Eric Bruno writes about JavaFX's built-in support for JDBC, including the various data formats available through a set of Data Source components, such as relational databases, files, the file system itself, and web-based data. Bruno explains the use of these features in a manner that does not require the writing of much data handling code, employing the JavaFX Composer tool.
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18 Sep 2009 Using OAuth to Cover Security Issues for a REST Application [22245]
Authors Use Stock Quote as Example

The Sun Developer Network paper "Securing REST Web Services with OAuth" by Malla Simachalam and Rick Palkovic explores an example REpresentational State Transfer (REST) application that uses the open-source protocol OAuth to address security issues.
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10 Jun 2009 Apache Derby and Java DB Release Version [21806]
Feature Release Along with Bug and Document Fixes

JavaDB has been released following the earlier release of Apache Derby JavaDB is functionally equivalent to Apache Derby - both contain the exact same jar files - but with JavaDB there are a few additional perks. Learn more about these as well as the latest features, which include SQL roles, generated columns, OFFSET/FETCH FIRST, in-memory back end, and more.
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05 Jan 2009 Meet Sun Software Engineering Manager Masood Mortazavi [21051]
People's Relationship to Technology

Masood Mortazavi shares his personal story and his views on technology, its influence on people, and reflects on the following: Sun founder Bill Joy "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us"; Hubert Dreyfus, What Computers Still Can't Do, On the Internet; and Thomas Hughes, Human-Built World: How to Think About Technology and Culture.
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