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09 Jul 2017 Do We Live In A Riskier World? C-Suite And Senior Level Experts Weigh In [64690]
Help Net Security, June 30th 2017

"72 percent of global business leaders say they're operating in a riskier world, spurred by increasingly regulated industries, advanced technology and rapid digitalization, according to BDO USA...

Businesses feel more confident in the macroeconomic environment, and may reflect improvements in governance, risk management and business continuity planning. The macro risk trends executives expect to have the most impact in the next 10 years include regulatory risk (19 percent), technological changes (16 percent) and increasing competition (13 percent)..." -Help Net Security
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11 Jun 2017 5 Incident Response Practices That Keep Enterprises From Adapting To New Threats [64046]
Help Net Security, May 29th 2017

Liz Maida writes in Help Net Security, "Security analysts within enterprises are living a nightmare that never ends. 24 hours a day, their organizations are being attacked by outside (and sometimes inside) perpetrators - hackers, hacktivists, competitors, disgruntled employees, etc. Attacks range in scope and sophistication, but are always there, haunting the security teams tasked with guarding against them...."
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08 May 2017 Security Awareness Is Good, But Good Security Culture Is Better [63290]
HelpNet Security, May 8th 2017

"As an efficient mechanism to influence employee behavior, security culture is one of the most important, yet most overlooked, aspects of organizational security.

'A common flaw in our industry is that awareness trainings will change, i.e. improve, security behavior,' says Kai Roer, co-founder of European security startup CTLRe (and Help Net Security columnist)..."
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26 Mar 2017 IoT And The Resurgence Of Public Key Infrastructure [61664]
Help Net Security, March 17th, 2017

"With the digital revolution in full swing, security methods and models need to be re-evaluated to better address both the changing nature of enterprise architectures and processes," writes Josh Jabs in Help Net Security. "While the proliferation of mobile devices and analytics has vastly improved user experience over the past several years, the challenges of user-to-things security and securing a greatly expanded edge architecture remain unsolved.

One approach is making its resurgence as a result of the IoT and cloud - public key infrastructure (PKI) - and has the potential to close these security gaps for today's digital businesses..."
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19 Mar 2017 The Security Threat Of Quantum Computing Is Real, And It's Coming Fast [61447]
Help Net Security, March 9th, 2017

Dr. Gregoire Ribordy writes Help Net Security, "The threat quantum computers pose on encryption is weighing on the minds of some of the world's most technologically advanced nations: In 2016 alone, the EU announced a $1.13B investment in the discipline, the UK pledged nearly $300M, Australia put in $25M and Canada devoted $50M. Why? These world powers acknowledge the swift progress being made towards quantum computing that threatens traditional encryption. They're right to be investing now: Once that technology exists, everything stops..."
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