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09 Apr 2017 10 Portable Apps Every Linux User Should Use [62085]
maketecheasier, March 27th 2017

"Portable apps are great invention that not many people talk about," notes Derrik Diener in maketecheasier. "The ability to take any program to any PC, and continue using it is very handy. This is especially true for those that need to get work done, and don't have anything with you but a flash drive.

In this article, we'll go over some of the best portable Linux apps to take with you. From secure internet browsing, to eBooks, graphic editing and even voice chat!..."
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06 Apr 2017 Enterprise SSD Buying Guide [62188]
Enterprise Storage Forum, April 6th 2017

"You can tell how hot an area of data storage technology is by how hard it is to keep up with what's new. Enterprise SSD is one such zone. No sooner have you completed a buying guide when a whole raft of new products flood onto the market. Here are some of the recent ones:...

  • IBM DS8880F All-Flash Storage
  • Kaminario
  • Dell EMC Flash
  • Nexenta
  • Tintri
  • Pure Storage FlashBlade
  • Enmotus

Read on for details.
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03 Apr 2017 Flash, Cloud Top Data Storage Options For Storage Pros [62139]
SearchStorage, April 3rd 2017

Cloud is popular among data storage priorities for primary and backup storage, while most say they will use flash in primary data storage

"Around the start of the decade, forward-thinking storage experts predicted flash and cloud would eventually become the dominant storage tiers.

Those predictions of popular data storage options appear on target, according to TechTarget's 2017 IT Priorities survey. The survey included 201 respondents who said that storage or backup and disaster recovery were areas where they devote most of their time. Nearly half of each group called the cloud a main priority. The 48% who picked cloud backup as a priority put that at the top of the secondary to-do list. Cloud storage also showed up on 48% of respondents' priority list for primary storage, eclipsed only by the combination of all-flash arrays (31%) and solid-state storage (30%)..."
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02 Apr 2017 Pwn2Own Hackers Earn $340,000 Exploiting Windows, MacOS [61889]
eWeek, March 17th, 2017

The second day of the Pwn2Own 2017 hacking competition reveals Windows, macOS, Adobe Flash and web browser exploits

Sean Michael Kerner writes in eWeek, "On the second day of the 10th annual Pwn2Own hacking competition, researchers demonstrated an unparalleled number of zero-day exploits in fully patched operating systems and web browsers. By the time the dust had clear late in the day on March 16, 11 out of 17 attempts at exploiting systems were successful, with researchers walking away with $340,000 in prize money..."
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02 Apr 2017 Data Storage Goes From $1M To 2 Cents Per Gigabyte (+Video) [61879]
ComputerWorld, March 23rd, 2017

"How we got from punch cards to flash storage, the internet and smartphones," asks Lucas Mearian in ComputerWorld.

"When Computerworld was founded in 1967, a 1-megabyte hard drive would have set you back by $1 million.

Today, that same megabyte of capacity on a hard disk drive (HDD) costs about two cents..."
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