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16 Apr 2017 The New Shadow IT: Custom Data Center Applications [62292]
Dark Reading, April 7th 2017

If you think you've finally gotten control of unsanctioned user apps, think again. The next wave of rogue apps is on its way from your data center to the cloud

"Over the years, the consumerization of IT has spurred a free-for-all in the adoption of cloud services. As employees found unsanctioned applications to help them do their jobs, overwhelmed security teams took a head-in-the-sand approach, giving rise to a serious problem dubbed 'Shadow IT.' But how big of a problem is Shadow IT, really? That depends who you ask," writes Kaushik Narayan in Dark Reading.
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09 Apr 2017 Payment Card Industry Security Compliance: What You Need To Know [62090]
Dark Reading, March 29th 2017

A quick refresher on all the different PCI SSC security standards that are relevant for organizations that accept electronic payments

"In the dynamic world of payments, transaction security is of paramount importance," opines Rob Martin in Dark Reading. "When we speak with our customers and partners, the topic of payment security and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance always comes up. Although there is a lot of useful information about payment security available, the industry is also filled with many questions regarding PCI. So, with the latest PCI Data Security Standard update and the release of the latest security standards for payments terminals, now is a great time to provide a quick refresher on PCI compliance and the various security standards merchants need to know..."
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05 Mar 2017 IaaS: The Next Chapter In Cloud Security [61007]
Dark Reading, February 24th, 2017

"Organizations adopting IaaS must update their approach to security by using the shared responsibility model," writes Kaushik Narayan in Dark Reading,

"Companies in industries from manufacturing to financial services to the public sector trust cloud providers with their critical data. The rapid growth of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications such as Office 365 and Salesforce depended on trust. But the floodgates of SaaS adoption didn't open until IT security professionals became convinced that cloud providers could produce equivalent or better security compared to traditional software. Where challenges remain is on the enterprise side; Gartner predicts 95% of cloud security incidents will be the customer's fault..."
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19 Jan 2017 The 4 Top Barriers To Effective Incident Response [59809]
Dark Reading, January 19th, 2017

"Responding to cyberattacks is straightforward in some ways, difficult in others. Here are four ways that the process can get tripped up.

Cyberattacks are getting worse, growing in frequency and impact. This probably isn't a surprising statement for anyone reading Dark Reading. Most organizations understand this and are taking measures to prevent and detect threats. While hundreds of firms are working to build new technologies to help here, there are fewer options for actually responding to the attacks that are detected. Estimates range from 50 to 60 days for security teams to contain and respond to incidents, on average..."
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08 Jan 2017 10 Things Infosec Pros Can Celebrate About 2016 [59353]
Dark Reading, December 29th, 2016

"There were a few items that passed for good news this year," writes Sara Peters in Dark Reading.

"Let's not rehash all the miserable DDoSes of the past several months or predict the horrors IoT has in store for us next year. For now, let's snuggle up with some hot chocolate and think comforting thoughts. Let's prepare our champagne toasts for New Year's Eve and celebrate the good times (or what passed for good times in this industry) from 2016: ..."
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