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23 May 2017 Staying A Step Ahead Of Internet Attack [63744]
Dark Reading, May 23rd 2017

"There's no getting around the fact that targeted attacks - like phishing - will happen. But you can figure out the type of attack to expect next.

"It's difficult to make predictions. Especially about the future," Yogi Berra famously stated. While this may be true for general predictions, I don't believe it's true for Internet security predictions.

By training, I am a cryptographer. In the late '90s, I realized that Internet security wasn't really about cryptography or even how protocols were implemented. Instead, it was about people and their actions. I believed criminals would start circumventing Internet security measures - authentication, in particular - by tricking people, using techniques we now refer to as "phishing." However, no one else at that time seemed to believe that this type of deception would ever be successful..."
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22 Mar 2017 Data Encryption Efforts Ramp Up In Face Of Growing Security Threats [61739]
Information Management, March 22nd, 2017

"Last year there was a lot of momentum in the deployment of data encryption. This was seen on the web, in the consumer space, and in the enterprise. I expect to see these trends continue and accelerate. While current data encryption work covers a broad set of topics from the attacks against old algorithms such as SHA1 growing in strength, to the exciting progress on post quantum cryptography, I want to draw attention to a set of practical trends that will affect businesses in the coming months..."
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24 Feb 2017 Google Just Cracked One Of The Building Blocks Of Web Encryption (But Don't Worry) [60901]
The Verge, February 24th, 2017

"Google made major waves in the cryptography world, announcing a public collision in the SHA-1 algorithm. It's a deathblow to what was once one of the most popular algorithms in cryptography, and a crisis for anyone still using the function. The good news is, almost no one is still using SHA-1, so you don't need to rush out and install any patches. But today's announcement is still a major power play from Google, with real implications for web security overall.

Like most cryptography, it can get a little complicated, so it's probably best to start from the very beginning..."
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15 Feb 2017 RSA: Elite Cryptographers Scoff At Idea That Law Enforcement Can 'Overcome' Encryption [60625]
Network World, February 15th, 2017

"Pioneers of cryptography also find artificial intelligence no threat to their trade...

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' call for a way to 'overcome' cryptography met with scorn from a panel of elite cryptographers speaking at this week's RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco..."
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13 Feb 2017 Supermicro Presents Security Systems and Building Blocks at RSA 2017 Conference in San Francisco [60719]
Network Security Appliances and Communications Infrastructure Solutions will be Showcased

Super Micro Computer, Inc. displayed and demonstrated Supermicro's leading edge technology for Internet security building blocks at the Moscone Convention Center booth RSA Conference 2017. The RSA Conference 2017 was a global event 'where the world talks security' and provides valuable insight into the advancements in information and cyber security.

Supermicro's server Building Block Solutions are fully converged and scalable. The company had a team of experts on hand to discuss the advantages that each product provides in the security markets. Presentations will include Embedded Solutions, Servers, Motherboards, and Networking Solutions. The team will also discuss Virtualization, Transcoding, Cryptography and Secure Data Storage through encryption and compression with remote management capabilities.
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