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26 Mar 2017 Augmented And Virtual Reality To See Aggressive Growth By 2021 [61671]
ComputerWorld, March 17th, 2017

"IDC sees number of AR/VR headsets jumping dramatically as the nascent technology gains traction," reports Matt Hamblen in ComputerWorld.

"Augmented and virtual reality are catching on, even if it is still early days for both.

While some analysts at Strategy Analytics worry there aren't enough engaging 360-degree VR movies and other content on the market, IDC analysts on Thursday said there are plenty of early business-focused rollouts of AR to justify optimism..."
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26 Mar 2017 4 Simple Steps To Keep Web-Based Email Secure [61673]
ComputerWorld, March 17th, 2017

"A few simple steps, including the use of multi-factor or two-step verification, can help keep your web-based email secure from prying eyes," suggests Michael Connell in ComputerWorld.

"It wasn't all that long ago that the use of web-based email or 'webmail' was viewed as unprofessional and something that most people used only because it was free and convenient.

Submitting a resume with a Hotmail email address may well have raised some eyebrows. Microsoft has rebranded Hotmail as Outlook, and by virtue of the name change alone gave what is essentially the same webmail service added gravitas. Gmail never had the stigma of a Hotmail (or worse, AOL) email account, but as Google popularized cloud-based productivity suites it too gained greater acceptability as an appropriate email address for business use..."
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23 Mar 2017 Data Storage Goes From $1M To 2 Cents Per Gigabyte (+Video) [61763]
ComputerWorld, March 23rd, 2017

"How we got from punch cards to flash storage, the internet and smartphones...

When Computerworld was founded in 1967, a 1-megabyte hard drive would have set you back by $1 million.

Today, that same megabyte of capacity on a hard disk drive (HDD) costs about two cents..."
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19 Mar 2017 IBM Stores Data On A Single Atom [61449]
ComputerWorld, March 9th, 2017

"What good is a single atom these days?" asks Rebecca Linke in ComputerWorld.

"Well, aside from being essential for, I dunno, most everything, you can now store data on one. That is right, store data on a single atom. But how did researchers achieve that?

In IT Blogwatch, we jump on the miniaturization bandwagon..."
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12 Mar 2017 IoT And 5G Drive Computing To The Edge [61230]
ComputerWorld, March 3rd, 2017

"More computing is happening on edge devices to handle the information overload," writes Agam Shah in ComputerWorld. "By 2020, an average internet user will use 1.5GB of traffic a day, and daily video traffic will reach 1PB, Intel predicts. A huge amount of data will be generated by autonomous vehicles, mobile devices, and internet-of-things devices.

Every day, more information is being collected and sent to faster servers in mega data centers, which analyze and make sense of it. That analysis has helped improved image and speech recognition and is making autonomous cars a reality..."
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