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21 Jul 2017 Companies Expect Cyber-Attacks But Aren't Prepared (Slideshow) [65052]
CIO Insight, July 21st 2017

According to the "State of Cyber-Security 2017" research study from the Independent Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), 80 percent of survey respondents expect a cyber-attack to strike their organization this year, but many remain unprepared and are struggling to keep pace with the threat environment.
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22 May 2017 4 Easy Steps How To Conduct It Security Audit Of Your Own Company [63738]
SmartDataCollective, May 22nd 2017

"Businesses often view data security audit as a stressful and intrusive process.

Businesses often view data security audit as a stressful and intrusive process. Auditor walks around distracting everybody and meddling in regular company operations. The usefulness of conducting audits is also something up for a debate: aren't regular risk assessment enough to form security strategy and keep your data protected? And if you're a subject of compliance regulations regarding private data security, then you'll be facing an official audit sooner or later anyway. Wouldn't you be better off preparing for that, than doing an IT security audit of your own?..."
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08 May 2017 Effective Risk Management In The Data Center [63283]
Data Center Knowledge, May 8th 2017

"Data center managers are fighting a constant battle with risk. Their jobs, aside from cramming computing resource into a constrained space using limited power and cooling capacity, involves ensuring that this resource is available, all of the time. That means identifying and managing risks from various sources.

A standards-based risk management methodology can help with that challenge. It can help data center managers to prioritize their risks, and to prepare for a data center or critical environments audit. Where to start?..."
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04 May 2017 Four Ways To Tell What Your Voice Is Saying About You [63032]
Fast Company, May 4th 2017

"From stress levels to confidence, our voices communicate as much about us as the words we speak. Here's how to take a quick vocal audit...

A big multinational company recently sent me a speaking client who 'lacked leadership presence.' Looking at her resume, that seemed odd. She was accomplished. She was energetic. She was focused. What was she missing?

When we met, I quickly realized that her voice sounded rather nasally. So I asked her a question: 'Do you have a hearing problem?'..."
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25 Apr 2017 Getting started with SELinux System Administration [62808]
O'Reilly, April 27th 2017

"Do you have the crucial job of protecting your private and company systems from malicious attacks and undefined application behavior? Are you looking to secure your Linux systems with improved access controls? Look no further, intrepid administrator!

This course will show you how to enhance your system's secure state across Linux distributions, helping you keep application vulnerabilities at bay. This video course covers the core SELinux concepts and shows you how to leverage SELinux to improve the protection measures of a Linux system. You will learn the SELinux fundamentals and all of SELinux's configuration handles including conditional policies, constraints, policy types, and audit capabilities. These topics are paired with genuine examples of situations and issues you will probably come across as an administrator..."
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