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02 Sep 2013 So, what makes Solaris Zones so cool? [32746]
Karoly Vegh Provides 10 Reasons

Karoly Vegh writes, "This post is about the third option, a container technology built right into Solaris: Solaris Zones. They are pretty awesome, especially on Solaris 11 - they're like vacation: once you go Zones, you won't want to leave them :) But what exactly makes Zones so cool?

There are a number of reasons, allow me to list my favourite top 10:..."

  • Solaris Zones are performance overheadless
  • Resource Management
  • the Golden Image cloning
  • Zone independence
  • Branded Zones
  • Cluster integration
  • Immutable Zones
  • Exclusive IP stack with VNICs
  • zonestat
  • Per-zone fstype statistics

Read on for details.
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21 Mar 2011 Solaris 10 Branded Zones [24001]
How to Create them in Solaris 11

In his blog on Solaris 10 Branded Zones Brian Leonard provides a solution to the problem of creating a Solaris 10 Zone in Solaris 11, which requires an existing Solaris 10 environment -- either a Solaris 10 instance or a Solaris 10 zone. Leonard's 12-step solution (with all the necessary code) will enable readers to run a Solaris 10 zone in Solaris 11, with the attendant benefit of having network virtualization and zonestat available.
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28 Dec 2010 Zonestat: New Feature in Oracle Solaris 11 Express: Part 2 [23772]
CPU Resource Management Made Easier

As promised in Part 1, "Zonestat in Solaris 11 Express," Jeff Victor returns with Part 2 to complete his description of the new feature. He shows how Zonestat can help users monitor instances of CPU contention and identify which zones, if any, are using more compute resources than expected. He adds that, in addition to providing intelligence on short-term resource usage, Zonestat can provide summary reports of peak or average usage over longer periods. He shows readers how to specify the interval at which Zonestat gathers data by setting the zones-monitoring:default service property config/sample_interval.
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23 Dec 2010 Zonestat in Solaris 11 Express: Part 1 [23771]
New and Improved, Fully Supported Feature

Before someone begins experimenting with the many new functions in Oracle Solaris 11 Express, it would be prudent, Jeff Victor blogs to have some means of measuring the results. A new and improved version of Zonestat is the answer, he advises, in Part 1 of a series. He reviews to shortcomings of the version of Zonestat in Solaris 10, adding that the new Zonestat is a fully supported, fully featured version that does everything its predecessor did and more. Victor demonstrates some of the things that the new and improved Zonestat enables.
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21 May 2009 Solaris News Bites [21856]
Short Items of Interest to Solaris Users

  • Solaris Cluster 3.2 Supports SAMP
  • ZFS Compression Saves Space, Improves Performance
  • Integration of Logical Domains (LDoms) and ZFS
  • Oracle WebLogic Certified for LDoms
  • Directly Upgrade from Solaris 8 SPARC to Solaris 10 OS
  • Download Zonestat 1.4
  • x86 Installation Check Tool for Solaris 10 OS
  • Solaris Express Community Edition (aka Nevada) build 111
  • Solaris Zones: Running a Command From the Local Zone in the Global Zone
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