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20 Jul 2010 Zetaback - Thin-agent Based ZFS Backup Tool [23262]
Perform Backup, Restore and Retention Policies for ZFS Backups

Zetaback is a thin-agent based ZFS backup tool. This freely downloadable tool is designed to:

  • run from a central host
  • scan clients for new ZFS filesystems
  • manage varying desired backup intervals (per host) for full backups and incremental backups
  • maintain varying retention policies (per host)
  • summarize existing backups
  • restore any host:fs backup at any point in time to any target host
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27 Apr 2009 Making Use of Virtualization with Solaris Containers (Zones) and ZFS [21665]
OmniTI's Zetaback is Based on ZFS

OmniTI makes use of Solaris Containers (Zones) and ZFS's powerful features to rely upon for virtualization. According to Mark Harrison, author of the article, "Virtualization, ZFS and Zetaback," Zones may be used for virtualization for Solaris.
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