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02 May 2017 Cloud-converged storage is here [63147]
By Nancy.Hart

Nancy blogs, "Cloud-converged storage is here. But, what does that mean to you?

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is cloud-converged storage because it is born in the Oracle Public Cloud where we deploy and test it before we ever ship it to a customer. With an 1 EB (yes, exabyte) deployed at Oracle, ZFS Storage Appliance is proven for extreme scale.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is cloud-converged storage because a native cloud gateway, known as ZFS Cloud, seamlessly integrates on-premises storage with the public cloud. ZFS Cloud is a simple way to bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud resources that is completely transparent to your applications. Easy for your staff to manage all in one system.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is cloud-converged storage because it is deployed in private clouds around the world with support for file, block and object protocols..."
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12 Apr 2017 Tips and Tricks for best RMAN Backup and Recovery Performance. The new and spectacular 60TB/h backup and the 62TB/h recovery rates with the all new ZS5-4 [62452]
By Patricio Zambrano

Patricio blogs, "Are you interested in improving your RMAN Backup and Recovery? Specifically, the Level 0 backups plus daily incrementals with your ZFS Storage Appliance? Is your current vendor not providing the floor space/performance/price/raw capacity that you need? Are you hungry? Then keep on reading!

Just as you would make the perfect finger licking Mexican Taco (Yes, I am from Mexico!), there is a way to ensure maximum RMAN performance with an Oracle ZFS Storage and an Oracle Engineered system(X6-2 server). Of course, the level of complexity is probably not the same but you get the idea ;)..."
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29 Mar 2017 Oracle Unveils Industry-First Cloud Converged Storage to Help Organizations Bridge On-Premises and Oracle Cloud Storage [62036]
Oracle, March 29th 2017

Organizations Can Seamlessly Merge Oracle Storage Cloud Functionality and Economics with the Power of High Performance Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances

Oracle unveiled the industry's first Cloud Converged Storage, representing the first time a public cloud provider at scale has integrated its cloud services with its on-premises, high performance NAS storage systems.

Oracle ZFS Cloud software, included in the latest Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance release, enables organizations to easily and seamlessly move data and/or applications to the cloud to optimize value and savings, while eliminating the need for external cloud gateways and avoiding the costs of software licenses and cloud access licenses - AKA "cloud entrance taxes" - charged by legacy on-premises vendors for the right to access the public cloud from their infrastructure platforms. As an example, Oracle's total cost of ownership versus one industry competitor was 87 percent less.
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14 Oct 2016 Disaster Recovery Demystified on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance [57005]
By Krishna

Krishna blogs, "According to a 2015 article, fear of downtime is one of the top concerns that keeps IT executives up at night. In fact, 42% of IT executives believe that products and services that aid in disaster recovery (DR) should be among the last items to receive budget cuts.

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance with Oracle Enterprise Manager Site Guard, delivers push-button operation plans for disaster recovery scenarios including switchovers and failovers. The Operation Plans come fully intergated with support for the Oracle ZFS storage appliance and can be easily extended and customized for any other storage appliances including 3rd party storage appliances.

Lets now see how a comprehensive DR architecture for Private Cloud Appliance enabled through Oracle Enterprise Manager with Site Guard works for the most common DR mechanisms..."
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14 Mar 2016 Updated Oracle Platinum Services Certified Configurations [50773]
By Javier Puerta

Javier blogs, "Effective March 08, 2016, Oracle Platinum Services is now available with an updated combination of certified components based on Oracle Engineered Dystems: Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic, Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, Oracle SuperCluster systems, and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Racked System. The Certified Platinum Configuration matrix and the Remote Patching Deployment Scope have been revised, and now include the following key updates:.."
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