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09 Jul 2010 Why Are Customers Turning to Oracle Exadata Version 2? [23196]
Competiviveness and Lower IT Costs Are Just a Couple of Reasons

The massive operational restructuring Virgin Mobile Australia is undergoing led the company to adopt the Oracle Exadata Version 2. Virgin Mobile is the second Australian company to purchase Oracle's Database Machine V2, following the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which bought the system to handle its online transaction processing (OLTP) requirements. The extreme performance of Oracle Exadata is improving Oracle companies' competitiveness and lowering their overall IT costs. Other mobile service providers and online commerce companies choosing Oracle Exadata technology are detailed and their results are impressive.
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12 Mar 2010 Review: Oracle Sun Fire X4170 Server [22888]
Lots of Punch in this 1U Server

For the most part, the Oracle Sun Fire X4170 found favor with the reviewer for, Alan Stevens, who pronounced the server " ... A good choice for companies looking for maximum performance from a 1U package," and a prime candidate for virtualization service. The X4170 compares quite favorably with its chief competition, the HP ProLiant DL360 G6 and the Dell PowerEdge R610. Stevens gives the Oracle Sun product such high marks in part because " ... it's a dual-processor server capable of accommodating the same range of dual-core and quad-core Xeon 5500 Nehalem chips."
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09 Feb 2010 Mind Candy Upgrades Moshi Monsters IT Platform with Sun Technology [22755]
Gains Accelerated Performance, Better CPU Utilization, Lower Operating Costs

Mind Candy made its Moshi Monsters upgrade happen with Sun Technology: Sun Startup Essentials, Sun Fire X4170 and X4270 servers, Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System and Java SE6. Mind Candy achieved the upgrade with CPU utilization rates cut from 70 to 15 percent; Tomcat Web application server speed doubled; and the implementation of a cost-effective, eco-responsible infrastructure.
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11 Jan 2010 Sun VirtualBox 3.1 Earns a Technology of the Year Award [22726]
InfoWorld Names Best 2010 Technologies

InfoWorld has published what its test center staff believes are this year's technologies of the year, and Sun's VirtualBox 3.1 is one. The judges find Sun's high performance, cross-platform virtualization software a compelling alternative to VMware Workstation, noting that VirtualBox definitely supersedes this competitor in scalability.
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16 Oct 2009 PC Pro Reviews Sun Fire X4170 [22426]
Holds Its Own Against Dell's PowerEdge R610, HP's ProLiant DL360 G6

The glowing review of the Sun Fire X4170 in PC Pro by Dave Mitchell cites little to find fault with in Sun's Xeon-5570 powered processors, allowing that there is merit in the claim that the X4170 holds its own against competing 4U solutions. This level of performance, he notes, comes with a TDP of 95 watts while also supporting Hyper-Threading and Turbo-Boost. He adds that the 5570s support memory speeds up to 1,333MHz and have the highest speed QPI of 6.4GT/sec.
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