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13 Jul 2009 Good News from Sun Marketing [22093]
July 2009

Each month Sun Marketing publishes the "Good News" about Sun. This month there are 12 items and 3 groups:

  • Leading Market Conversations: ComputerWorld's "100 Best Places to Work in IT 2009," Open Work Program, Sun Constellation System, Sun Blade Systems, Julich, Sun Blade X6275, NetBeans 6.7
  • Product Reviews Underscore Innovation: VirtualBox, OpenSolaris, JavaFX
  • Customers Choose Sun: MySQL, Sun Servers, Storage, Software, Virtualization, Solaris Containers, Workstations, Management Tools

A two-page PDF of the "Good News" from Sun is available in English and several other languages.
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26 Jun 2009 New Sun Downloads [22031]
Includes Lustre, Sun Fire Servers' Firmware, HPC ClusterTools and More

Have you downloaded the latest updates in Sun software for your Sun solutions? Take a look at the top ten updates made available June 17th through June 23rd. These include Lustre; Sun Fire X4540, X2270, X4170, X4270, X4275; Sun Servers Integration 1.0; HPC ClusterTools 8.2; HPC Software, OpenSolaris Developer Edition 1.0; Sun Blade X6275; and Sun Server Hardware Management Pack 1.1.
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09 Jun 2009 New Julich Supercomputer Center and its 2000 Node Sun Constellation System [21900]
One of the First Large QDR-based InfiniBand Supercomputers

The most powerful Sun technology-based computer in Europe is now online. The new Julich Supercomputer Center is supported by 2208 node Sun Constellation System and Sun Blade X6275 server modules. The Sun Constellation Systems operate with Intel Xeon processor 5570 series and communicate with each other via six newly developed "Project M9" InfiniBand switches from Sun that supply quad data rate (QDR) and up to 648 ports while slashing the amount of complex cabling required.
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21 May 2009 Introducing the Sun Blade 6048 InfiniBand QDR Switched Network Express Module (NEM) [21718]
Also Meet the Sun InfiniBand Dual port 4x DDR PCIe Fabric Expansion Module (FEM)

Sun is introducing its Sun Blade 6048 InfiniBand Quad Data Rate (QDR) Switched Network Express Module (NEM) and the Sun InfiniBand Dual port 4x DDR PCIe Fabric Expansion Module (FEM). Expected to be generally available this summer, what these new upcoming Sun products boast are QDR InfiniBand which delivers up to 80 Gb/s bandwidth (full-duplex) per server connection and the ability to enable Sun Blade server modules to be connected to an in-chassis InfiniBand fabric.
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01 May 2009 Sun Blade 6000 and 6048 Now Support PCI Express 2.0 [21648]
Provides up to Twice the Speed of PCIe 1.1 Technology

The Sun Blade 6000 and 6048 chassis passive midplanes have been updated to support PCI Express 2.0 (a.k.a. Gen2) technology, which provides up to twice the speed of the PCIe 1.1 technology utilized in the 1st generation chassis midplane. Sun also is introducing an Assemble-to-Order (ATO) process for select HPC configurations of the Sun Blade 6048 Modular System where Sun will ship a customer's chassis with server and I/O modules inserted. Along with these new products, Sun will be retiring the Sun Blade 6000 A90-A, Sun Blade 6048 B22-B Chassis, and select configurations of the Sun Blade X6250 Server Module.
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