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26 Feb 2009 Sun Ray Thin Client Virtual Desktop Solution Saves U.S. Army Intelligence Center Millions [21335]
Hardware, Personnel, Power and Cooling Costs -- All Drop Significantly

The U.S. Army Intelligence Center (USAIC), the professional training school for military intelligence, provides cross-branch training to as many as 17,000 personnel annually. In an effort to improve overall efficiency and reduce costs, the USAIC migrated its training system from a PC-based solution to a distributed client-server solution based on 6,000 Sun Ray thin clients, Sun Ray Software and 200 Sun Fire X4600 M2 servers running 2,500 virtual machines.
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16 Feb 2009 Why Sun Ray [21280]
Considering Sun Ray for VMware VDI Platforms

Rick Vanover writing for explains mostly the in's of choosing Sun Ray server software for VMware VDI platforms. While using Sun Ray may bring an extra step in the architecture, reasons to consider why to use Sun Ray are outlined. "A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution is a collection of three main componentsÂ…," he writes.
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16 Feb 2009 VDI Solution Demo and Cookbook [21278]
Recipe for Getting Started, Architecture & Installation

View the VDI solution demo to learn how the, "Sun VDI Software is the Sun Virtual Desktop Connector which provides seamless integration with the virtualization layer and makes it easy to control the life cycle of virtual machines and assign users to virtual desktop environments."
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09 Feb 2009 Measuring VDI Performance and Scalability on the Sun Fire X4450 and Sun Fire X4600 M2 Servers [21277]
Using the WorldBench Office XP Workload Simulation

The bloggers at the Thin Client and Server Based Computing Group refer readers to a series of performance tests conducted for Sun on the scaling and performance of a VDI setup based on the shared experiences of Sun and VMware users. The references deliver a "measurable" standard baseline starting point. The independent test reports were conducted by LI0NBRIDGE/VeriTest on the Sun Fire X4450 (with 16x Intel Xeon 7400 series processors), the Sun Fire X4450 (with 16x Intel Xeon 7300 series processors), and the Sun Fire X4600 M2 (with 32x AMD Opteron 8356 processors).
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02 Feb 2009 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 on Sun x64 Rack Servers and Blades [21297]
Sun's Redistribution of Windows Server Products Delivered via XATO Options

Sun is adding Microsoft Windows Server 2008 with Sun x64 Rack Servers and Blades to its existing Windows ecosystems which already includes Windows certifications, Windows service support, and various Windows tools and utilities. Windows Server 2008 options will be delivered via XATO options and will consist of DVD media, a certificate of authenticity (COA) and documentation. Installation is not an option.
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