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08 Mar 2010 New Oracle-Sun Downloads [22841]
Most Recent and Popular Ones Listed

The Oracle-Sun downloads page offers the latest downloads along with a list of the top software visitors have downloaded. The page also offers its featured downloads, such as Java, NetBeans, GlassFish, JavaFX,, VirtualBox, and more. This article lists the most recent and top downloads, and links to access them.
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29 Dec 2009 MySQL Performance in Virtualization Environment on xVM Hypervisor [22596]
Comparing the Database's Use of UFS and ZFS File System

Orgad Kimchi reports on a performance study of MySQL's behavior within a Xen virtualized environment based on the xVM hypervisor and how the database software makes use of the UFS and the ZFS file system. The system performance benchmark SysBench was applied to test base performance for the configurations used in this experiment.
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12 Nov 2009 Proof-of-concept: Java Real Time 2.1 on Solaris 10 [22411]
DTrace Aids in Identifying Latency Causes

A duel in the Suns of sorts involving a Sun Fire V40z and a Sun Fire X4450 connected back-to-back was performed to discover their ability to exchange UDP or TCP messages with a round-trip latency under 100 ms per message. In addition, both servers were occupied with some business logic, to bring the overall CPU utilization to 60-80% on each machine. Both were running Solaris 10 Update 5 and Java RTS 2.1 (build 1.5.0_16_Java-RTS-2.1_fcs-b11_RTSJ-1.0.2). Frederic Pariente reports the results in his blog "Real Time opens system and network surveillance to Java," a proof-of-concept to evaluate Java RTS 2.1 on Solaris 10.
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14 Oct 2009 Migrating to Sun Ray Thin Clients and Sun Secure Global Desktop Software [22306]
Retiring PCs Accelerates the Pace of Service Delivery

Netherlands business service provider IBN-groep helps people who live at a distance from the labor market to find paid work. IBN-groep recently moved to a virtual desktop solution based on Sun hardware and software that enables employees to access their personalized Windows XP desktop from any Sun Ray thin client or from their home network using Sun Secure Global Desktop Software. Because desktop data is now centralized, the solution is boosting efficiencies and simplifying administration.
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17 Sep 2009 Speed, Power, Price of Sun Technologies Fit University's Needs [22216]
Sun Servers Improve Performance, Ability, Stability With Less Space

The University of Washington's Department of Mathematics needed a hardware upgrade in order to successfully expand the computational capabilities and overall performance of Sage, an open-source computational software program. A new Sun solution was chosen with Sun Fire X4450 and Sun Fire X4540 servers, providing a powerful, compact server technology for the department’s growing open-source mathematics software engine.
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