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30 May 2012 Gemalto Mobile Payment Platform on Oracle T4-2 Server [26464]
Demonstrates Impressive Performance, Scalability

Gemalto, whose solutions for mobile financial services are deployed at over 70 customers worldwide, demonstrated outstanding performance and scalability using a clustered environment on a mid-range 2x2.85GHz T4-2 Server (16 cores total, 128GB memory) for the application tier, and an additional dedicated Intel-based (2x3.2GHz Intel-Xeon X4200) Oracle database server. The platform processed more than 1,000 transactions per second, limited only by database capacity. Near linear scalability was observed by increasing the number of application software components in the cluster. Results show an increase of nearly 300% in processing power and capacity on the new T4-based servers.
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08 Feb 2011 Sun Open Storage at the Queensland Brain Institute [23899]
1PB of Storage Capacity at a Licensing Cost Savings of AU$100,000

The Queensland Brain Institute at the University of Queensland has saved AU$100,000 by adopting a scalable Sun Open Storage system with more than one PB of data capacity. The elements of this solution include the Sun Fire X4200 M2 Server, the Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server, the Sun StorageTek 6140 Array, and the Sun StorageTek SL500 Modular Library System, all of which will enable the institute to carry out its mission of exploring a wide range of neuroscience interests. With this implementation the institute saved more than AU$100,000 in licensing costs while reducing cost per TB by 65% and eliminating silent data corruption.
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29 Jun 2010 Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems Launched [23263]
Offers Simplified Management, Record Performance and Operational Efficiencies

An InformationWeek 2010 survey reported 54 percent of respondents prefer a single server vendor, to take advantage of purchasing power, knowledge, and support. Oracle is delivering just that with the launch of a complete refresh of its Sun Fire x86 cluster systems which provide high performing application-to-disk solutions capable of being managed and supported as a single system from a single vendor.
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04 Feb 2010 Server News Bites [22764]
Short Items of Interest on Sun Servers

  • T5140/T5240 Better IO Redundancy Than IBM Power 520 Server
  • Updating Firmware on ILOM-based Sun Servers
  • New 2TB SATA Drives for Sun Storage J4200 and J4400 Arrays
  • Hot-pluggable, 2TB, 3.5-inch, 7200 RPM SATA Drive for Sun Fire X4275 Servers
  • Sun Fire X4540 Controller Module ATO Option with 128 GB Memory
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29 Dec 2009 Sun Constellation System at the Heart of CLUMEQ HPC Implementation [22643]
Facility Brings New Level of Compute Power to Canadian Scientists

CLUMEQ is a supercomputing consortium of universities in the province of Quebec, Canada. It includes McGill University, Universite Laval, and all nine components of the Universite du Quebec network. CLUMEQ supports scientific research in disciplines such as climate and ecosystems modeling, high energy particle physics, cosmology, nanomaterials, supramolecular modeling, bioinformatics, biophotonics, fluid dynamics, data mining and intelligent systems. Sun is providing the technology for this HPC implementation.
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