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18 May 2015 Providing High Availability to the OpenStack Cloud Controller on Oracle Solaris with Oracle Solaris Cluster [42789]
White Paper (61 Pages)

Thorsten Früauf of Oracle Solaris Cluster Engineering, writes "Oracle Solaris delivers a complete OpenStack distribution which is integrated with its core technologies such as Oracle Solaris Zones, the ZFS file system, and its image packaging system (IPS). OpenStack in Oracle Solaris 11.2 helps IT organizations to create an enterprise-ready Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud, so that users can quickly deploy virtual networking and compute resources by using a centralized web-based portal...

Our team has created a new white paper to specifically explain how to provide high availability to the OpenStack cloud controller on Oracle Solaris with Oracle Solaris Cluster..."
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16 Feb 2015 How to Build Software Defined Networks Using Elastic Virtual Switches - Part 1 [40929]
By Orgad Kimchi

Orgad writes, "Oracle Solaris 11.2 enhances the existing,integrated software-defined networking (SDN) technologies provided by earlier releases of Oracle Solaris to provide much greater application agility without the added overhead of expensive network hardware.

It now enables application-driven, multitenant cloud virtual networking across a completely distributed set of systems; decoupling from the physical network infrastructure; and application-level network service-level agreements (SLAs)-all built in as part of the platform. Enhancements and new features include the following:..."
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24 Nov 2014 Oracle and Pluribus Ally on Software Defined Networking [39657]
Video with Sunay Tripathi, CTO

Sunay Tripathi, CTO, Pluribus Networks, describes how running Oracle Solaris 11 on Pluribus NetworksÂ’ switches means that virtual networking services can be dynamically re-provisioned from compute nodes to networking to help maximize performance.

Video interview
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01 Oct 2014 Oracle Virtual Networking Support for OpenStack [38557]
New plug-in extends Oracle Virtual Networking benefits to OpenStack-based cloud deployments

The Oracle Virtual Networking OpenStack Neutron plug-in, announced today at Oracle OpenWorld, is based on the OpenStack Icehouse release and enables all of Oracle's software-defined networking (SDN) and network fabric capabilities to be created, provisioned and managed by the OpenStack framework. Oracle SDN now allows OpenStack-based cloud deployments to virtually eliminate VLAN exhaustion and bandwidth bottlenecks experienced with traditional networking, providing extreme scalability and security on the industry's fastest network fabric.

Oracle Virtual Networking delivers a wire-once, software-defined fabric for a heterogeneous data center. This technology virtualizes the SAN and LAN infrastructures by defining connectivity in software, giving users the flexibility and agility needed for cloud-enabled Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service deployments. By consolidating both SPARC and x86 systems on a single fabric, Oracle Virtual Networking can reduce infrastructure complexity by 70 percent and cut capital expenditures by up to 50 percent.

Oracle SDN technology, part of the Oracle Virtual Networking portfolio of products, allows the dynamic deployment of thousands of completely segregated L2 networks on the fabric, allowing customers to dynamically scale their infrastructure and provide enhanced security.
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29 Aug 2014 Oracle VM 3.3 and Oracle Virtual Networking [38156]
OVN kernel drivers are included with the Oracle VM Server

Honglin Su writes, "In this week's Spotlight, we are talking about Oracle VM 3.3 with Oracle Virtual Networking. The topic is contributed by Daniel Ritzman, Principal Best Practices Consultant from Oracle VM product management and Satinder Nijjar, Principal Product Manager from Oracle Virtual Networking product management.

Oracle Virtual Networking (OVN) virtualizes the data center infrastructure and enables connections from any virtual machine (VM) or server to other VMs, servers, network resources, and storage devices. With Oracle VM 3.3, the OVN kernel drivers are included with the Oracle VM Server. It's now much easier to take advantage of OVN Software Defined Network (SDN) capability in your Oracle VM environment..."
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