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20 Aug 2014 Oracle Solaris 11.2's Virtual components [37918]
By Lingeswaran Rangasamy

Lingeswaran writes, "What are the virtual components available in Oracle Solaris 11.2? Since Oracle Solaris 11.2 supports openstack (for cloud deployment), what are the core components have been virtualized?

In this article, we will see the virtual components and how it will be useful in real life. For an example, if you want to provision 10 local zones with exclusive IP, you need 11 network interface cards on the system. (1 NIC for global zone). But normally, you won't get that many NIC on the physical server and also the cost matters. In this case, if you virtualize the network, you will get N-number of virtual NICS and you can create N-number of zones with exclusive IP setup..."
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04 Sep 2013 Administering Solaris Zones [32741]
An excerpt from Chapter 17 of Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Exam Guide

This is an excerpt from Chapter 17, "Administering Solaris Zones," of Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Exam Guide by Michael Ernest (McGraw-Hill Professional; 2013) with permission from McGraw-Hill. Download a PDF of the full chapter. Also, read a Q&A with the author.

"You are about to learn how to create and configure a Solaris Zone, observe it in its various states of being, and manage it as it runs on your system. For those of you who need to get on with learning about other virtualization techniques available on Solaris and other operating systems, learning how zones work will give you a solid conceptual foundation for those subjects.

You've been learning about zones already -- or at least the key parts that make up one. For example, you've learned to configure projects, an abstraction for treating a group of processes as a workload. You've learned how to set limits with process, task, and project resource controls, and you've learned about global resource controls such as memory caps, process scheduling, and CPU provisioning. You can create a new ZFS file system with its own property controls for any occasion you deem fit. And you know that you can now create virtual NICs whenever you need a new logical network resource..."
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22 Apr 2013 Guidelines for Deployment in a Virtualized Environment [30726]
Oracle Virtual Networking

Oracle Virtual Networking offers advantages for virtualized server environments. With server virtualization, the bandwidth, network diversity, and storage performance requirements for the physical hosts can be accommodated by using multiple virtual NICs (vNICs) and virtual HBAs (vHBAs), all of which are delivered over a single pair of cables connecting to a purpose-built fabric. These resources can be added or changed on the fly without disrupting service, making it easy to virtualize new applications. The networking resources can also be configured such that they communicate directly across the fabric, allowing for unprecedented server-to-server performance.

In this article, we will examine guidelines and best-practices for deploying Oracle Virtual Networking in a virtualized environment. The recommendations focus on bringing the most simplicity, agility, and performance to the environment. This article is not a replacement for the official documentation; it is a supplement. It is assumed that readers are familiar with the administration of virtualized environments and the basic concepts of Oracle Virtual Networking.

Read on for details.
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12 Dec 2011 Integration of LDoms Networking with Networking Enhancements in Solaris 11 [25047]
Focus on Behavior of LDoms Virtual in a Solaris 11 Service Domain

The network stack for Oracle Solaris 11 has been substantially re-architected in an effort known as Project Crossbow, a main goal of which is to virtualize the hard NICs into Virtual NICs (VNICs) to provide more effective sharing of networking resources. Raghuram Kothakota blogs on how LDoms networking is integrated with all the networking enhancements in S11, mainly with project Crossbow. His post is a high-level view of how LDoms virtual switch in an S11 service domain and LDoms virtual network device in an S11 Guest domain.
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