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27 Jul 2015 Case Study: North Carolina Community College System [44506]
NCCC finds a cost-effective route to modernization

Many of the North Carolina community colleges previously used older servers from Sun Microsystems running Ellucian higher education software. In an effort to modernize...
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21 Dec 2009 Spain's New Electronic Post Box Service Supported by Sun [22407]
Highly Secure Email Service Runs on Scalable Data Storage and Backup Platform

Correos is the operator of the public postal service in Spain. Recently, it decided to build a secure email service for up to 140,000 mailboxes for citizens and businesses to send emails and attachments to government offices. With the support of Sun Professional Services, Correos designed and implemented a fully redundant data storage and backup platform for its new email service based on Sun Fire servers and Sun StorageTek technology.
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09 Feb 2009 A Two-part Guide to Tinkering with MySQL Cluster [21271]
Solaris Containers Makes It Possible on a Single Machine

In a two-part blog, Melanie writes a "how-to" on "Tinkering with MySQL Cluster, Part 1 - Preparation" and "Part 2 - Getting the Software." The author accomplishes her aim on a single computer for this typically hardware-dependent operation.
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