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27 Jun 2011 Configuring Oracle Solaris Cluster Software With Oracle RAC/CRS and Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7000 Systems [24301]
Procedure Applies to Entire Sun 7000 Unified Storage System Line

A blog post on the Oracle TechNetwork by J. Randriam describes the installation procedure for a 3-node Sun Cluster 3.2 01/09 or Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 (or later) configuration running with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)/Cluster Ready Services (CRS) and a Sun ZFS Storage 7120 System. Contents of the post include:

  • Initial Preparation on the Sun ZFS Storage 7120 Using the CLI
  • Creating NFS Filesystems Using the Sun ZFS Storage 7120 CLI
  • Accessing the NFS Filesystems From the Cluster Nodes
  • Accessing the iSCSI LUNs From the Cluster Nodes
  • Adding a Quorum Device
  • Configuring Oracle RAC / CRS in the Cluster

The author notes that, while the 7120 was used in this configuration, the procedure should be applicable to the entire Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage series.
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26 Jan 2011 Sun Documentation Moved [23874]
Now Located at Oracle Technology Network

The new home page for all Oracle Technology Network's Documentation is in operation. And we do mean all. A handy cheat sheet to the wealth of documentation on the page is available here. This will help familiarize users with the location of the former Sun documentation, which is still available in this new location.
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09 Dec 2010 Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 and M5000 Servers Set World Record Performance [23735]
Reduced Latency Enables High Throughput on Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management 9.0 Benchmark

Running in combination, Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 and M5000 servers achieved a world record on Oracle's own PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management 9.0 benchmark. The servers were configured with SPARC64 VII+ processors along with Oracle's Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array system achieved this record result using PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management and Oracle Database 11g Release 2 software running on the Oracle Solaris 10 operating system. The Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 and M5000 servers were able process online users and concurrent batch jobs simultaneously in 34.72 minutes.
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29 Nov 2010 Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance [23712]
Comparative Management Costs Study by the Edison Group

Edison Group is a technology research firm that provides hands-on product testing, in-depth competitive analysis, customized research, and an independent third-party perspective. Edison helps technology vendors better understand their product, their competitors, and their customers in order to meet their challenges and goals.

A sample report from Edison is "Lowering Manageability Costs while Expanding Storage Capacity using Oracle's Unified Storage Systems."

The summary of that report says, "The drumbeat for expanding storage capacity continues for organizations of all sizes, and as a result, there's an increasing need for easy to use management software that will lower these ownership costs. This white paper describes the results of Edison's Comparative Management Cost study on unified storage systems. The results of our testing show overall that a storage administrator can perform a series of day-to-day tasks in 36 percent less time with 38 percent less complexity on the Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance than is required for the NetApp FAS filer."
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07 Oct 2010 Major Software Update for Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Series Appliances [23544]
Oracle Strongly Recommends Upgrade to 2010.Q3.1.0

There is a major software update for the Sun ZFS Storage 7000 series appliances. 2010.Q3.1.0 offers a number of new features and repairs multiple issues. It is supported on Sun Storage 7110, 7210, 7310, 7410, 7120, 7320, 7420, and the Sun Storage 7000 Simulator. Oracle strongly recommends upgrading to this latest edition. Users should note the first shipping release of 2010.Q3 software is 2010.Q3.1.0.
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