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Articles for the keywords: UNIX
09 Feb 2015 Real pros and cons in the COTS server decision [40898]
SearchDataCenter, February 9th, 2015

"Weed out the truth about COTS servers and legacy hardware and see why fear of change in the data center is a major hurdle to overcome.

The debate over COTS server versus legacy hardware is sometimes acrimonious and almost always blurred by myths, half-truths and good old-fashioned FUD.

The debate started by mainframe versus Unix servers is three decades old. Fundamentally, the issue reflects the useful life of existing legacy hardware and software against the opportunity of low-cost commercial/commodity off-the-shelf (COTS) servers and storage based on Intel, AMD or ARM processors..."
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19 Jan 2015 FreeBSD Gains Ground With Small Cloud Providers [40549]
Information Week, January 19th, 2015

"Can this 30-year-old version of Unix help DigitalOcean and other cloud startups compete with the likes of Amazon? DigitalOcean has started offering FreeBSD, an open source version of Unix, as an option on its cloud infrastructure. It is the second cloud supplier to do so, staking a spot in which smaller services can compete against Amazon and other giant cloud providers for customers, particularly developers.

FreeBSD is having a moment in the spotlight in certain circles, in part, because a few developers noticed that it's used to run the backend of WhatsApp, a mobile services platform acquired by Facebook in October 2014 at a final price that topped $21.8 billion..."
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05 Jan 2015 15 Unix tricks to get your new year off to a good start [40295]
IT World, January 5th, 2015

Sandra Henry-Stocker writes, "The Unix command line provides numerous ways to make our work easier. Here are 15 'tricks' that I use often to make quick work of various tasks..."
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03 Dec 2014 Enterprise Linux growing at Windows' expense [39764]
ZDNet, December 3rd, 2014

"Summary: According to a new report from The Linux Foundation, Linux is leading Windows on both the cloud and in enterprise application deployments.

Sure, Windows still rules the desktop, but Linux kicks rump and takes names on enterprise servers and the cloud, according to the 2014 Enterprise End User Trends Report from The Linux Foundation and the Yeoman Technology Group.

Specifically, they found that enterprise server applications are being deployed at the expense of Windows and Unix over the last four years. Linux application deployments have risen during this period, from 65 percent to 79 percent, while Windows deployment has fallen from 45 percent to 36 percent..."
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09 Nov 2014 Unix: Catching up with Unix errors [39250]
By Sandra Henry-Stocker

Sandra writes, "Unix errors often seem cryptic and sometimes even obtuse, but they're actually well designed and useful. A little insight into the whys and hows of common error messages might help you appreciate not just error messages, but why you're bumping into them.

From time to time one of my students, when asked on a quiz what a command such as ifconfig does, will answer "displays 'command not found'". "No", I have to tell them, 'the ifconfig command isn't displaying that output. Either you misspelled the command or the executable isn't in one of the directories on your search path..."
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