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04 Mar 2014 7 Historical Decisions that Continue to Pain Programmers [35226]
Network World, March 5th, 2014

"Some of the choices made in the design of programming languages and operating systems years ago which may have seemed inconsequential at the time continue to haunt developers today..."

  • Unix hides dot files
  • JavaScript uses + for string concatenation
  • Microsoft chooses backslash as path delimiter
  • Python uses indentation to denote blocks
  • Tony Hoare invents the null reference
  • JavaScript implements semicolon insertion
  • How to represent dates

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02 Mar 2014 Proprietary And Unix Systems Decline In Q4, X86 Up A Smidgen [35162]
IT Jungle, March 3rd, 2014

Timothy Prickett Morgan writes, "Let me start by saying that I did not create the language that is used in the computer business, particularly in the server racket, with a few exceptions. I don't like the terms "proprietary," and I don't like the terms "industry standard" as if all of the customers and vendors got together and created a non-proprietary machine. Best I can figure, the X86 architecture is still pretty much ruled by Intel and Windows was still the dominant operating system on X86 machines.

It is with this in mind that we go over the final quarter of server sales for 2013 using statistics from Gartner. The company, like its rival IDC, has a multidimensional database that allows analysts to dice and slice the market in a zillion different ways, but the data they provide for free looks at the market in only a few ways. The top five vendors by revenue and shipments, and then some ancillary data for pesky members of the press (like me) who want a little more detail that breaks out RISC and Itanium machines running Unix and machines based on X86 processors by revenue and shipments..."
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12 Jan 2014 10 Books For Linux System Administrators [34874]
Books praised by many Linux power users

System administration is one of the most essential task of Linux. You realise the operating system's true power only after you gain command over this aspect. There are some books that are especially useful for this purpose. These 10 books may not be free, but they have been praised by many Linux power users.

  • UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook, by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Trent R. Hein, Ben Whaley
  • Essential System Administration, by Æleen Frisch
  • The Practice of System and Network Administration, by Thomas Limoncelli, Christina Hogan, Strata Chalup
  • Pro Linux System Administration, by James Turnbull, Peter Lieverdink, Dennis Matotek
  • Linux System Administration, by Tom Adelstein, Bill Lubanovic
  • Automating System Administration with Perl, by David N. Blank-Edelman
  • The Visible Ops Handbook, by Kevin Behr, Gene Kim, George Spafford
  • Automating Linux and Unix System Administration, by Nathan Campi, Kirk Bauer
  • Python for Unix and Linux System Administration, by Noah Gift, Jeremy Jones
  • Linux Firewalls, by Michael Rash

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02 Feb 2014 Back Up a Thousand Databases Using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c [34676]
by Porus Homi Havewala

Porus writes, "Oracle has long supplied a powerful utility, Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), along with the database software install, which is used to backup and recover Oracle databases, either as a complete or incremental backup. The scripts are placed in a shell script wrapper at the Unix level, and then scheduled using the Unix cron job facility. These scripts need to be tested, verified and maintained.

While this task is manageable for one or two databases, the same task must be repeated with every new database or every new database server that is provisioned-and the time spent on setting up such backups increases correspondingly.

In this technical article, we will see how the DBA can set up and schedule RMAN database backups for thousands of databases using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c more easily and efficiently than the older, more time-consuming, manual method of performing Unix shell scripting and cron jobs for each database to be backed up..."
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11 Jan 2014 13 Free eBooks On Unix And Linux Security! [34747]
EFYYimes, December 11th, 2013

"For a long time security was considered as the last thing in Linux and Unix. But with more and more security threats like hacking rising every day, Linux and Unix security is becoming the hottest thing in the IT job market. Here we bring to you 13 free ebooks to help you upgrade your Unix/Linux security skills..."
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