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28 Jan 2016 The UNIX-Based Cloud [49437]
Dr Cloud's Flying Software Circus

"Oracle Solaris continues to evolve as the foundation for critical private cloud implementations. As the premier UNIX in the IT industry, certified against the OpenGroup's exacting standards for enterprise-level operating systems, Solaris 11 enables Oracle customers and partners to provide the elasticity, security, scalability, and stability required for today's demanding Cloud Computing requirements.

As Chris Riggin, Enterprise Architect at Verizon, said at last Fall's Oracle OpenWorld, the cloud services enabled by Solaris provide the massive scaling for Verizon's 135 million customers and 180,000 employees needed to speed service delivery and to maintain Verizon's competitive edge..."
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26 Jan 2016 Preparing for the Upcoming Removal of UCB Utilities from the Next Version of Solaris [49431]
By Eric Reid

Eric Reid blogs, "For those of you who are holding on to the /usr/ucb commands as a last vestige of Solaris's origins in the UC Berkeley UNIX distribution, it's time to act. The long-anticipated demise of the /usr/ucb and /usr/ucblib directories is planned for the next major version of Solaris. If you are building software that uses these components, now's the time to switch to alternatives. Shell scripts are often used during software installation and configuration, so dependency on /usr/ucb commands could stop your app from installing properly..."
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20 Jan 2016 Oracle, UNIX and Innovation [49289]
By Darrin Johnson

"Oracle was born from the idea of having a database with single source base (in C) that could be used on multiple operating systems. With this philosophy, they brought the Oracle Database to UNIX in 1983 with Bell Laboratories' UNIX.

During the same period of time, enterprises wanted to standardize interfaces to not require re-implementation of software for different platforms, and UNIX was chosen as the base for the standard system interfaces..."
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07 Dec 2015 The 20th Anniversary of the UNIX Standard and Certification [48337]
The Open Group

"The UNIX platform, as a technology, has been around more than 40 years, being at the center of innovation and technology in computer science and driving the Fortune 1000 businesses today. Over twenty years ago, a number of companies came together to acknowledge the value of the UNIX platform, but more importantly, the need for all UNIX implementations to be interoperable and compatible to support the tremendous ecosystem built on top of UNIX systems. An open and inclusive collaboration followed, which led to the creation of the Single UNIX Specification, the industry standard for UNIX systems... The first UNIX certifications were awarded twenty years ago this year..."
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31 Oct 2015 Happy 10th Birthday, ZFS! [47083]
By Cindy Swearingen

Cindy writes, "Ten years ago today, (October 31, 2005), the ZFS file system integrated into what would become Oracle Solaris 11. Along with many other system admin types, I believe ZFS is one of the very best things that has happened to UNIX administration, ever.

I have nothing but gratitude and respect for the original ZFS developers and the teams that continue to evolve and create products around ZFS. Many, many people contributed to the success of ZFS in the early days and its continued evolution. Many have moved on, but many from the original ZFS engineering team are still here at Oracle and that team has expanded to the largest ZFS engineering effort on the planet..."
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