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16 Aug 2015 Oracle Solaris 11 and Secure, Efficient Customer Multitenancy [45077]
Cindy Swearingen talks with Thorsten Muhlmann

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15 Jul 2015 Oracle's critical security update: 193 problems fixed in latest patch [44406]
ZDNet, July 15th, 2015

"Oracle's July critical patch update includes security updates and patches for 193 vulnerabilities including remote exploits and authentication issues.

The California-based company's July 2015 Critical Patch Update includes 193 fixes, 44 of which are for third-party components included Oracle product such as Qemu and Glibc.

In total, 10 fixes have been issued for Oracle Database, and two of the vulnerabilities fixed allow for remote exploitation without authentication. The vulnerability, CVE-2015-2629, has been given a CVSS Base Score of 9.0 for the Windows platform and 7.5 for Linux and Unix platforms..."
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02 Jul 2015 Get Concurrent With The Go Language [43934]
InfoWorld, July 2nd, 2015

"What happens when the people behind one of the most influential operating systems of the last 50 years or so decide they don't like what's happened to the language they wrote their OS in?

It turns out they decide to rebuild it their own way. That's what happened when Unix creators Rob Pike and Ken Thompson (who wrote the original B language that formed the foundation of the entire family of C-derived languages we use) felt it was time to develop a new systems-level programming language, with a focus on speeding up software development..."
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29 Jun 2015 When Your Linux Servers Get Audited [43929]
IT World, June 29th, 2015

"If your Unix/Linux servers are to be involved in an ISO 27001 audit, there are a lot of things you should be doing ahead of time to ensure that they won't end up generating findings. While there are many things you can do to secure the systems you manage, the key to getting a Unix system to pass an ISO 27001 audit is knowing what the auditors are likely to ask and what they will need to see..."
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11 Jun 2015 Saudi Arabia Public Pension Agency Implements Oracle SuperCluster to Support Database as a Service [43371]
Oracle technology has provided important benefits to PPA

The Public Pension Agency (PPA), an entity within KSA's Ministry of Finance, has announced the successful implementation of Oracle SuperCluster. PPA decided to implement Oracle technology with a disaster recovery architecture across two separate sites. Oracle SuperCluster also provides high availability for Oracle E-Business Suite, with SuperClusters in two different locations running Oracle E-Business Suite in active/passive mode using Oracle DataGuard technology.

PPA's UNIX environment was consolidated into a single system and a private Unix cloud environment created. In addition to Oracle SuperCluster, PPA installed a range of products including Oracle Exadata X4-2, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Oracle Enterprise Manager OpsCenter 12c...
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