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28 Oct 2010 Default Passwords Can Create Vulnerabilities ... Trusted Computer Solutions Says Beware [23627]
How diligent are you when it comes to ensuring that those passwords are always changed?

A recent Stuxnet worm made repeated attacks on the Pentagon, NATO and the United States electricity grid. The primary attack vector was identified as a default password on PLCs appliances.

The lesson learned in this case is that default passwords can create vulnerabilities.

There are many things that system administrators can and should do to regularly harden or lock down their Solaris operating systems. ItÂ’s all part of good system hygiene which contributes to securing your mission critical systems. Read on for information on how you can automatically harden your enterprise-wide Solaris servers.
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14 Aug 2010 Securing Solaris 10 Using Industry Guidelines [23397]
Security Blanket incorporates the CIS hardening guidelines for Solaris

The most recently published CIS benchmark for Solaris 10 was released on July 9, 2010. It addresses the recommended security settings in Solaris 10 11/06 through Solaris 10 10/09. Security Blanket incorporates the CIS hardening guidelines for Solaris but also allows you to customize your security policy to suit your needs.

For example, you might start with the CIS hardening guidelines for Solaris but choose to alter some parameter values, such as required password length, or eliminate certain guidelines altogether. Once your security profile is defined, Security Blanket assesses any number of operating systems (Solaris as well as others), and reports the compliancy status against the profile.
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12 Jun 2010 Minimizing Your Solaris Attack Surface [23228]
Use Security Blanket To Automate the Hardening of Solaris and Other O/S Environments

If you are concerned with minimizing the attack surface of your Solaris servers, (and you should be concerned), then you may be using tools provided by Oracle/Sun. Today, there are new, more flexible and extensive options available. Assessing the security posture of your servers, automatically locking down to industry standards, and easily maintaining your security posture over time is easily performed with Security Blanket, by Trusted Computer Solutions.
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17 Apr 2010 Hardening and Maintaining Security in a Mixed Operating Systems Data Center [23059]
Issues, Tips, and a Solution for Automated OS Lock Down

Securing a mixed operating systems (OS) environment can be quite challenge, particularly since the hardening process differs from OS to OS and from system to system. Automated tools can greatly reduce the number of resources required and maintain consistency. One solution that can provides these types of services, among others, is Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS) Security Blanket. As the only tool designed to automatically configure operating systems to meet industry standards, Security Blanket also allows for the easy creation of customized security lock down profiles and reduces the lock down processing time from hours to minutes.
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12 Feb 2010 Best Practices on Securing Enterprise Operating Systems [22807]
Paper Examines Issues With Commonly Used Practices, Offers Solution

A review of best practices on securing companies' and government agencies' operating systems is presented in the six-page PDF "Securing the Foundation of IT Systems." The paper covers commonly used and oftentimes problematic practices adopted by system administrators, and offers some insights on ways to improve security, including a look at Trusted Computer Solutions' (TCS) Security Blanket - a tool that automatically locks down operating systems.
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