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15 Mar 2017 Economic Value Of LTO Tape For Long-Term Data Retention [61538], March 15th, 2017

"ESG was engaged by the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Program, a consortium of LTO-based technology providers, to develop a detailed economic analysis of the LTO tape specification, which is the basis for many high-capacity, high- performance, and high-integrity tape storage products in production today. The analysis is designed to help IT organizations compare the fully burdened costs of leveraging modern LTO-based solutions for long-term data retention with a 'present mode of operation' (PMO) that represents alternative all-disk storage approaches. This analysis builds upon ESG's evaluation of current-generation LTO products, the forward-looking LTO Ultrium technology roadmap, in-depth interviews with technical stakeholders at The LTO Program's member organizations (HPE, IBM, and Quantum), additional qualitative and quantitative market research conducted by ESG with IT decision makers, and ESG's general familiarity with storage products and trends..."
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28 Feb 2017 CoreLogic rides property boom into the cloud, declares death to tape by 2018 [61142]
Commcault, February 28th, 2017

Commvault, a global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, archive and the cloud, announced it is supporting Australia's biggest property data provider to become free from tape backups by 2018 while transforming its customer's digital business model into the cloud...

CoreLogic turned to Commvault to help in its business model transformation, cut innovation cycle times, and deliver actionable business insights to customers through new products and services. Leveraging Commvault Software, CoreLogic is on track to be free from tape backups globally by 2018, and will use its cloud services to cost-effectively speed the release of new products and innovations.
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10 Feb 2017 Your Enterprise Data Protection Strategy Should Include Cloud And Tape [60431]
SearchDataBackup, February 10th, 2017

"The cloud generally makes sense for shorter-term data retention, but find out how it can also play a role in keeping data for longer periods of time...

There are lots of reasons to embrace cloud services as part of your enterprise data protection strategy. But unless you are an SMB in a nonregulated industry, eliminating your use of tape shouldn't be one of them..."
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31 Dec 2016 Veritas' Enterprise Backup Software Balances Old And New School Needs [59316]
SearchDataBackup, December 31st, 2016

"Veritas NetBackup software comes with many backup capabilities for the enterprise, like backup to tape, VM recovery and cloud integration...

The goal of Veritas' enterprise backup software and appliances, NetBackup, is to solve backup challenges that plague enterprises. NetBackup languished for some time prior to Veritas spinning out of its parent company, Symantec; during that period, NetBackup was slow to move on new data protection opportunities like backup of virtual machines and the adoption of new technologies like copy data management..."
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07 Dec 2016 Tape Backup: Often Old And Confused, But Quite Cheap [58808]
ComputerWeekly, December 7th, 2016

"Survey results show those with tape are likely to have old tapes, multiple formats, including defunct ones, and no way of knowing what is on them. But tape is still quite cheap for most

Most organisations have two or three backup products deployed, while many have tapes up to 20 years old - and they don't know the contents. Meanwhile, tape storage hardware, maintenance and staff costs are the three highest expenses for those that maintain a tape architecture..."
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