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07 Jul 2009 Logical Domains 1.2 Released with Nine New Features [22070]
Sun's Server Hardware Virtualization & Partitioning Technology for CoolThreads Servers

Logical Domains (LDoms) provides built-in virtualization capabilities for Sun's CoolThreads Servers. Recently released Version 2.1 provides support for:

  • CPU power management
  • jumbo frames
  • configuring domain dependencies
  • autorecovery of configurations
  • export of same backend multiple times
  • physical-to-virtual migration tool and
  • configuration assistant tools.

Other features and multiple bug fixes also have been implemented. LDoms 1.2 software is supported on the OpenSolaris 2009.06 release, Solaris 10 05/09 and earlier Solaris 10 patched versions.
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30 Jun 2009 Sun Technologies and the Oracle Database [22000]
Wiki Highlights Key Technologies for Running Oracle

Sun and some of its engineers from Performance Technologies are putting together a list of Sun technologies that enhance the performance, monitoring and tuning of the Oracle database on Sun servers. Grouped in categories entitled: Early Innovations, Solaris 9, Solaris 10 and Misc Innovations, the lists spans from Intimate Shared Memory (ISM) in Solaris 2.2 to Dynamic ISM (DISM) and Expanded Multiple Page Size Support (MPSS). All are invited to contribute so that important technologies don't get missed.
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23 Jun 2009 New Options Introduced for Some Netra Servers [21843]
Can Double Storage Capacity, Provide Higher Performance

Some Netra servers have a few new options. The Netra T2000, X4200 M2, X4250, X4450, T5220 and T5440 servers now support the new 300GB 10Krpm 2.5" SAS NEBS drive, offering customers double the storage capacity. Additionally, the Netra T5440 server has a new XATO selection for 1.4GHz, giving customers the option for higher performance with this server.
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06 May 2009 Algo Financial Risk Management Software Runs Great on Sun Fire X4270 [21681]
Benefits of Algo's on Solaris

The Algorithmics Risk Analysis "Algo" application, which is financial simulation software, runs great on the Sun Fire X4270, according to Sun Blogger, Jeffrey Taylor. He explained that Solaris users can use such features as TurboBoost and HyperThreading, which help to create an ideal environment for the Algo software.
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11 Mar 2009 Major Internet Sites Rely on Sun IT Infrastructure to Do Business [21395]
Sun Startup Essentials, Try and Buy Programs Make Migration Easy

A number of the leading Internet sites in the world rely on Sun IT infrastructure to serve their customers. The sites include Wikipedia, SmugMug, eBay, NBC for its Olympics coverage, Internet Brands and Betfair. Details are available in a Sun feature article.
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