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03 Dec 2013 StorageTek T10000D FICON [33906]
Combines world-record capacity and performance with three generations of proven enterprise-class reliability

Oracle announced the FICON version of its StorageTek T10000D tape drive, which combines world-record capacity and performance with three generations of proven enterprise-class reliability. This powerful combination enables mass consolidation of tape storage environments into fewer cartridges, tape drives, and libraries for significantly less total cost of ownership (TCO) than IBM TS1140 and LTO6.

Customer Benefits:

  • Reduce TCO by 40% vs. IBM TS1140 - Store 1 PB in the SL3000 for a list price of $162,354 with T10000D or $268,477 with TS1140 in IBM TS3500
  • Best Investment Protection - Media Reuse increases maximum capacity of existing T10000C-written media from 5.5 TB to 8.5 TB and reads T10000A, T10000B, & T10000C-written media
  • Highest capacity - up to 8.5 TB Native Capacity
  • Highest Data Transfer Rate - 252 MB/sec (uncompressed) or up to 800 MB/sec (compressed)

See the "Tape Solutions" page for details.
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02 Aug 2012 Oracle’s StorageTek Tape Storage Solutions Enable Deep Data Archiving at CalTech [27097]
System Planned to Scale at the Rate of 1 PB Annually

To accommodate archiving of the enormous volume of data generated by its Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) Project, the California Institute of Technology has implemented Oracle’s StorageTek tape libraries and drives. The LIGO Laboratory migrated 12 years of observations (2.9 Petabytes PB) in 2011 to a system comprising Oracle’s StorageTek T10000C drives throughout. This delivered 25x the capacity and up to 8x the performance at the observatories and 5x the capacity and up to 2x the performance at the central repository, enabling annual scalability at the rate of up to 1 PB per year from the next generation Advanced LIGO experiment.
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05 Apr 2012 USC Shoah Foundation Institute Upgrades to StorageTek T10000C [25876]
Project Digitizes Over 100,000 Hours of Holocaust Testimony

The USC Shoah Foundation Institute has selected Oracle’s StorageTek T10000C Tape Drives to support its ongoing project to catalogue and preserve visual testimonies from Holocaust survivors and witnesses. At 5 TB uncompressed, the StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive is the world’s highest capacity drive and enables customers to boost capacity and performance while maintaining their existing footprint. The Oracle solution, which also includes Oracle’s Sun x86 servers with Oracle Solaris and Oracle disk arrays, digitizes approximately 80 TB of data per month and is on track to finish digitization in 2013.
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11 May 2010 Tape Storage's Future Secure Under Oracle [23137]
Oracle Affirms Commitment and Promises Continued Development

"Oracle is very committed to the tape business," Jim Cates, vice president of tape development at Oracle, told Enterprise Storage Forum. Writing for's ESF, Paul Shread also reveals correspondence from Large Tape Users Group (LTUG) executive board president Geoff Cleary who is optimistic about Oracle's plans for its tape product line following a recent LTUG event where Oracle was present.
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20 Aug 2009 Sun StorageTek T10000B Tape Drive Earns Federal FIPS Certification at Security Level 2 [22226]
Delivers Fully Transparent and Automated Encryption Solution

Sun StorageTek T10000B tape drive has received the FIPS 140-2 Certification at Security Level 2 - a federal data security standard published and maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). With this certification on Sun's eco-efficient tape drive, federal customers are ensured the Sun solution meets the FIPS-validated requirements for product purchase, while other end-users can rest assured that it meets stringent security standards. Sun reports that it is the first and only tape drive vendor to achieve Federal FIPS Certification at Security Level 2.
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