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31 Dec 2010 100 Most Popular Articles of 2010 [23804]
1036 Articles were Posted in Volumes 143 through 154

These are the 10 most popular articles that were posted in 2010:

  • Oracle's Hardware and Systems Support Policies (2010-04-07)
  • Oracle's Plans for Sun Products, Technologies (2010-02-04)
  • Choosing SPARC or Intel Processors (2010-01-22)
  • Oracle-Sun and Hitachi Data Systems End Reseller Agreement (2010-03-04)
  • Sun's Niagara 3 (2010-02-25)
  • Tutorial on IP Multipathing (IPMP) (2010-02-04)
  • In the Linux vs. Solaris Debate, Watch out for Scalability FUD (2010-02-19)
  • Sun Ray 3 Plus Client (2010-04-06)
  • Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g Accelerates Java Development (2010-08-25)
  • Capitalizing on Sun Technologies (2010-05-19)

The web version of this article has the list of the 100 most popular articles posted in 2010.
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29 Nov 2010 Running Storage Simulators in VirtualBox [23650]
NetApp OnTap and Sun Storage 7000 Sim

The Fat Bloke sings, this week about "Running Storage Simulators in VirtualBox," providing readers with links to two reports:

  • NetApp 7.3.3 Simulator on Oracle VirtualBox.doc, described as a document that outlines the process for installing Oracle VirtualBox 3.1.10, creating an Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 VM and installing the 7.3.3 OnTap Simulator in the VM

  • Oracle's Sun Unified Storage Simulator which the Fat Bloke says deals with how to use the Sun Storage 7000 Simulator, now available as an ovf appliance that simply imports and runs.

Use the simulators to get a feel for the storage features of these platforms.
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24 Nov 2010 Sun Storage 7000 2010.Q3.1.0 Simulator Release [23691]
6655 Mb VirtualBox Image Available for Downoad

A new Sun Storage 7000 simulator image has been released, bringing the simulator to 2010.Q3.1.0. The simulator image works with VirtualBox and supports the full complement of unified storage features with the exception of clustering. More information on the simulator can be found at the landing page, where readers will learn how Oracle's Unified Storage Simulator makes it possible to install and manage a virtual storage system on any laptop or desktop and experience the power of Open Storage. Note that existing downrev simulator images can be upgraded using the procedure described in the product documentation (included in the simulator and accessible via the browser-based appliance interface); it's not necessary to download the new image, Oracle notes.
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22 Jul 2010 Client Side Partition Alignment and Its Impact on Performance [23309]
Some Recommendations on How to Address the Problem

This blog is for users who create and access LUNs from their Sun Unified Storage appliances using either iSCSI or FC and who might not realize the impact on performance that client side partition alignment can exert. Blogger David Lutz characterizes this issue as generic rather than one that involves only Unified Storage appliances but adds, reassuringly, that achieving proper alignment is relatively simple.
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12 Apr 2010 New Version of the Sun Unified Storage Simulator [23032]
Adds Support for VirtualBox

A new version of the Sun Storage 7000 simulator, now known as Oracle's Sun Unified Storage Simulator, is available with support changes. This release of the simulator provides support for VirtualBox and drops its support for VMware, reports Fishworks Engineer Adam Leventhal. This freely downloadable simulator is a way for users to install and manage a virtual storage system on any laptop or desktop and experience the Oracle-Sun Open Storage.
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