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06 Feb 2012 Support Coverage for Hardware and Operating Systems [25386]
Includes Many Older Sun Products Nearing End of Sustaining Support

Oracle has produced a 25-page pdf that lists the Support Coverage for Hardware and Operating Systems, many of which are older Sun products that will reach the end of Sustaining Support in 2012-02.
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21 Jul 2011 Unified Data Storage Adoption Rate Rising [24352]
Block Data and File Data ... One Storage System Handles Both

While not exactly a new concept though it is one that is finding an increasingly wide adoption, unified storage is a single shared pool of storage that can combine both block and file data, eliminating the need to manage separate block and file systems. Fewer storage systems mean fewer systems to power and cool, which can reduce costs and optimize resources. Plus, as virtual server environments and the cloud become more popular among users, consolidation is key. Having one unified storage system helps create a standardized environment. Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Analyst Terri McClure writes on the subject in
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03 Jun 2011 7000 ZFS Storage Appliance - General Info and Websites [24232]
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know on the Subject

Readers can find a useful compendium called "ZFSSA - Tips & Tri8cks with your Oracle 7000 ZFS Storage Appliance" on a recent post by Steve Tunstall to his blog. He explains that "ZFSSA" is the current name of the oracle 7000 family of products and cites the Oracle page on Sun Unified Storage where one can find many more resources than there is room for on his own blog page. Check Tunstall's blog for a tease to the whole enchilada on Oracle's site.
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11 Apr 2011 Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Support for Exadata and VDI [24078]
Oracle Announcements from Storage Networking World SPRING 2011

Among the announcements at Storage Networking World SPRING 2011, Oracle released information on three new integrations in support of its complete, open, integrated technology stack. These include the following:

  • Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance can now connect directly to the Oracle Exadata InfiniBand fabric

  • Oracle VDI now provides unique integration with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

  • Oracle Secure Backup is qualified for Sun ZFS Storage Appliance backup and recovery with Oracle’s scalable StorageTek tape libraries

“Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance delivers compelling value for customers on three major fronts” said Scott Tracy.
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31 Dec 2010 100 Most Popular Articles of 2010 [23804]
1036 Articles were Posted in Volumes 143 through 154

These are the 10 most popular articles that were posted in 2010:

  • Oracle's Hardware and Systems Support Policies (2010-04-07)
  • Oracle's Plans for Sun Products, Technologies (2010-02-04)
  • Choosing SPARC or Intel Processors (2010-01-22)
  • Oracle-Sun and Hitachi Data Systems End Reseller Agreement (2010-03-04)
  • Sun's Niagara 3 (2010-02-25)
  • Tutorial on IP Multipathing (IPMP) (2010-02-04)
  • In the Linux vs. Solaris Debate, Watch out for Scalability FUD (2010-02-19)
  • Sun Ray 3 Plus Client (2010-04-06)
  • Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g Accelerates Java Development (2010-08-25)
  • Capitalizing on Sun Technologies (2010-05-19)

The web version of this article has the list of the 100 most popular articles posted in 2010.
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