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23 Jan 2012 Simplified Administration with ZFS [25259]
Migrating an OS from an HP Desktop to a Sun Ultra 40

"Simplified administration with ZFS," a post by Isaac Rozenfeld, covers migrating the OS image from an HP Pavillion desktop a1150y to a Sun Ultra 40. With the hardware properly configured, the four-year-old Phoenix BIOS easily detected the ZFS submirror, and the GRUB menu came up quite nicely, showing all of the Boot Environments created over the lifespan of the OS installation when it was on the HP desktop. With the ZFS dataset submirror running, the next step was to add the second disk from the HP machine so that the pool could operate in a non-degraded state.
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31 Jul 2009 Sun Designs High Performance Grid Computing System for UNC [22019]
HPC Biomedical Image Analysis System Satisfies Researchers Need for Speed

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) is a leading research university which recently turned to Sun to help design a high-performance biomedical image analysis system. The university selected Sun because it could provide a more customized solution and better support for image-intensive applications. The UNC-CH grid is called the Biomedical Analysis and Simulation Supercomputer (BASS) system, which integrates Sun Fire servers, StorageTek systems and management tools with NVIDIA visual computing systems.
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08 Dec 2008 Graphics Option For Sun Workstations [20997]
Sun Ultra 24 Workstation

Here is a roundup of the Sun solutions necessary to deliver quad core, single socket extreme performance in desktops and workstations.
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