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13 Apr 2010 Oracle Solaris Studio Exploits Parallelism Capability of Intel's Newest Processors [23035]
Offering 16 Hardware Threads in 1 Socket With a 1U Box Presenting Up to 8 Sockets

In the white paper "Oracle Solaris Operating System -- Optimized for the Intel Xeon Processor 5600 and 7500 series," the processors' Hyper-Threading technology and its parallelism capability is the highlight of the 45-page paper for Vijay Tatkar. The Hyper-Threading technology provides two hardware threads per processor core and is capable of executing threads in parallel within each core. This means an 8-core Intel Xeon processor provides a total of 16 hardware threads. "That packs a walloping SPECint_rate of 1250 and SPECfp_rate of 887," Tatkar writes in his April 2nd blog entry.
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18 Nov 2009 Sun HPC Recent Developments [22597]
New HPC Solutions, Benchmarks, Customers and Positioning on Top500 List

The latest Top500 list published in November shows three of the top five supercomputers based on Intel Nehalem CPUs were Sun Constellation Systems. Sun also doubled its number of entries since the June 2009 list with a total of 11 deployments providing nearly 2 PetaFLOPS (PFLOPS). Additionally, Sun announced new products and technologies for high performance computing (HPC), an upgrade to the Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System, new HPC benchmarks and new HPC customers.
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08 Sep 2009 HPC News Bites [22318]
Short Items of Interest to the HPC Community

  • Free Training on Parallel Programming
  • HPC Virtual Conference
  • Differences Between MPI and OpenMP
  • eSeminar Panel Discussion: Flash in HPC
  • Sun HPC Community Wiki
  • Sun Studio Software: Developing OpenMP 3.0 Applications
  • RADIOSS Public Benchmark Test Suite: QDR vs DDR
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20 Aug 2009 The Solaris Operating System - Optimized for the AMD Opteron Processor [22158]
A Guide for Developers and Sys Admins

Several knowledgeable hands at Sun have collaborated in preparing the Sun BluePrints Online document "The Solaris Operating System Optimized -- for the AMD Opteron Processor." The authors state their intention was to create a quick reference guide for developers and system administrators who want to optimize applications running on Solaris and AMD Opteron processors. The paper describes technical details about specific features and capabilities that can be implemented in the Solaris ecosystem to make the best use of multicore AMD Opteron processors.
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24 Jun 2009 Sun Studio 12 Update 1 [22017]
Optimized Compilers, New Tools Geared to Ease Development

Now available, the free download of Sun Studio 12 Update 1. This is a major update to the software compiler and tools solution. Sun Studio software provides an advanced suite of tools for the Solaris 10, OpenSolaris and Linux platforms specifically geared towards C, C++ and Fortran developers. It provides parallelizing compilers, debuggers, advanced thread and performance analysis tools and highly-tuned libraries to provide an optimized development environment for the latest multi-core x86 and SPARC-based systems.
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