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05 Mar 2010 South Australian Utility Implements ERP Upgrade Solutions from Sun [22756]
Realizes Gains in ERP Processing Times, Data Load Time

ETSA Utilities, South Australia's primary electricity distributors with 800,000 residential and business customers, faced the task of upgrading its legacy IT infrastructure that hosts the company's ERP system while at the same time improving the processing time of ERP system jobs and increasing the availability of ERP mission-critical systems. In addition, ETSA sought to reduce payroll processing time and improve data load time. The utility found the infrastructure it was looking for in the Sun product line.
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09 Feb 2010 Outline for a Proof of Concept for a Simple Storage Service [22781]
Some First Steps for Budding Storage Service Vendors

"Proof of Concept for a Simple Storage Service," an article by Carol Zhang and Case Cao on the Sun Developer Network, briefly introduces the components that make up a storage service, describes in detail how to use Apache web server to set up a proof of concept (PoC) for a simple storage service, and touches on issues affecting storage service in the real world.
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08 Feb 2010 Sun StorageTek Infrastructure Helps Healthcare Provider Achieve 30% Faster Backup [22772]
Also Improved Data Integrity, Strengthened Regulatory Compliance

Geisinger Health Systems upgraded its IT environment with a Sun StorageTek tape solution that strengthened the organization's regulatory compliance while improving performance and data integrity at its primary and remote datacenter sites. The new back up and recovery solution stores and encrypts healthcare records from its mainframe system for more than two million patients.
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02 Feb 2010 A Solution to HPC Application Performance Improvement [22783]
Flash Technology Can Speed Things Up

The Sun Storage Solutions white paper "Turbo-charging HPC Application Performance with Flash Storage: Changing the Focus from Processing to Moving Data Faster" contends that, with ever more CPU cores and more GFLOPS per core, HPC application performance will be determined by the ability to move data in and out of fast processors. This paper examines how Flash technology can be deployed and the effect it will have on HPC workloads. It examines various Flash technologies and compares their performance on leading HPC application benchmarks. Finally, the performance characteristics of the Flash-based Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System is described.
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28 Jan 2010 "Sun Systems for Sun StorageTek Enterprise Backup Software" [22752]
The Logical Choice for Enterprise Archival Storage

The need to develop data archiving capabilities is a challenge that every enterprise faces these days for any or all of several needs: whether to accommodate explosive data growth; to respond to the pressure to meet promised service levels and backup windows for users; to provide archive data retention and retrieval requirements; and to better manage rising energy costs. Dean Halbeisen's Sun BluePrints Online paper "Sun Systems for Sun StorageTek Enterprise Backup Software" details the openly architected, intelligent and massively scalable general purpose archive solutions Sun is developing to assist enterprise users in meeting these challenges.
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