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14 Oct 2009 Sun Storage 6180 Array [22475]
Latest Addition to Sun's Disk Storage Portfolio

The Sun Storage 6180 Array is a high-performance, enterprise-class, full 8 Gigabit per second (Gb/sec) I/O Fibre Channel solution with backend loop speeds of 2 or 4 Gb/sec. It is modular, rackmountable, and scalable from a single dual-controller tray (1x1) configuration to a maximum configuration of 1x7 with six additional CSM200 expansion trays behind one controller tray. Sun reports that this new array delivers 50% more performance than Sun's previous generation, and over 70% better price/performance than the IBM DS5020.
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13 Oct 2009 New Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array [22467]
Power Efficient Flash Array for Accelerating Database Applications

Get fully-integrated Flash-based storage with Flash-optimized software in the new Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array that strives to accelerate Oracle and MySQL database workloads and optimize storage architectures. It features up to two terabytes of solid-state Flash capacity, 1.6 million read and 1.2 million write IOPS performance. Available in a single rack unit (1.75 inches), the new array consumes 300 watts of energy, Sun reports.
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06 Aug 2009 Systems Vendor Relies on Sun to Deliver Affordable Cloud Computing [22054]
Sun Storage and Servers Support Hosted Infrastructure Virtual BackOffice

Virtual BackOffice is a virtual IT infrastructure that is highly scalable and available. Created by Merkl IT, this solution gives customers access to their data and applications from almost any location with very little hardware required onsite. When Merkl IT began working on what has now become its core product a few years ago, the company knew that it needed hardware that would help provide high resiliency, scalability and fast response times for its customers. Although it considered other products, the company decided to rely on several Sun products for its solution.
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31 Jul 2009 Sun Designs High Performance Grid Computing System for UNC [22019]
HPC Biomedical Image Analysis System Satisfies Researchers Need for Speed

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) is a leading research university which recently turned to Sun to help design a high-performance biomedical image analysis system. The university selected Sun because it could provide a more customized solution and better support for image-intensive applications. The UNC-CH grid is called the Biomedical Analysis and Simulation Supercomputer (BASS) system, which integrates Sun Fire servers, StorageTek systems and management tools with NVIDIA visual computing systems.
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23 Jun 2009 Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager (CAM) v6.4.1 [21965]
New Access Configuration (SAS Zoning), Custom Installation Options

SAS zoning or the SAS domain access configuration feature is part of the recent release of the Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager (CAM) Version 6.4.1. With this feature, users can now control which hosts have access to specific disks inside a Sun Storage Expansion Array. CAM software provides a common way to manage Sun Storage and StorageTek branded storage array devices.
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